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U. Miami Wants Students to Police Each Other for Microaggressions

U. Miami Wants Students to Police Each Other for Microaggressions

‘what makes you say that?’

The left sees nothing creepy about monitoring the speech of others. As long as it’s done in the spirit of Orwellian fairness.

Heat Street reported:

University of Miami Urges Students to Police Classmates’ Speech for Microaggressions

Resident assistants at the University of Miami are urging students to monitor their classmates’ speech, and call them out for any microaggressions.

“Ask ‘what makes you say that?’ or ‘did you know that can actually be taken as offensive?’” a new display on campus says.

It’s part of a new display that the RAs put up on campus titled “SAY WHAT?!” to educate students on the dangers of innocuous statements and questions known as microaggressions.

The display contains vile phrases like “I don’t see color,” “You speak English very well” and “Can I touch your hair?” as examples of microaggressions that would undoubtedly ruin anyone’s day.

It’s a call to civility dictated by the terms of political correctness. The display asserts that people can hear many microaggressions in a single day, which can build up.


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I guess that U. of Miami wants people to be utterly mute. “Anything you say can and will be held against you.”