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U. Central Florida Social Justice Week Features Ball Pit

U. Central Florida Social Justice Week Features Ball Pit

“Let’s Talk! Take a seat, make a friend.”

What better way is there to demonstrate your maturity than acting like a little child?

Heat Street reported:

U of Central Florida Launches Emergency ‘Social Justice Week’ Featuring Ball Pit to Fight Oppression

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is planning an emergency “Social Justice Week” in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration, featuring events exploring oppression, workshops on micro-aggressions, and allowing students to enter a ball pit to have discussions about social justice.

Since last week, a portable ball pit, as seen in McDonalds, was erected in the heart of campus for people wishing to discuss social justice. The sign on the ball pit reads: “Let’s Talk! Take a seat, make a friend.”

This isn’t the first time UCF had a ball pit on campus. Last September, the University had another “Social Justice Week” and installed the ball pit for students to who wish to enter it and “have an engaging conversation about a variety of social justice topics.”

The series of events in the spirit of social justice is organized by the University’s Social Justice and Advocacy department as a response to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“I am excited to announce Social Justice and Advocacy will host Social Justice Week January 23-27, 2017! Our events this year are very intentional, timely, and will be impactful in engaging the campus community in conversation,” read the email sent by the department. “Feel free to encourage your students and colleagues to attend.”

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