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U. Central Florida Hosts ‘Social Justice Week’

U. Central Florida Hosts ‘Social Justice Week’

The week begins with an event titled “#Triggered: RacialBattleFatigue,”

Can you think of anything more miserable than the prospect of attending events during social justice week?

Campus Reform reports:

UCF hosts ‘Social Justice Week’ to address racism, deportation

The University of Central Florida is kicking off 2017 with an entire week devoted to promoting social justice issues like “racial battle fatigue” and protecting illegal immigrants from deportation.

Edwanna Andrews, director of the UCF Social Justice and Advocacy office, revealed the schedule for Social Justice Week in an email to students last week, announcing events such as a “Breaking Barriers Lunch” and a “Tunnel of Oppression” that will take place during the last full week of January.

“Our events this year are very intentional, timely, and will be impactful in engaging the campus community in conversation,” Andrews asserts in the email, urging recipients to “feel free to encourage your students and colleagues to attend.”

The week begins with an event titled “#Triggered: RacialBattleFatigue,” which the event description defines as “the psychological and physical symptoms [that] many People of Color experience due to various direct and indirect forms of racism.”

“#Triggered is an opportunity to discuss the psychological impact of racism on various minority groups and what we as a community can do to help each other,” the description adds. “Join us as we discuss and understand more about the role racism has on our mental health.”


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The University of Central Florida has a “Social Justice and Advocacy office”? Taxpayer dollars are going to support this useless fluff, which includes office space, staff, and operating expenses. In the meantime parents are trying to understand why tuitions are so high! Do they realize they are paying for many such “useful” offices, and paying for them twice – once through their taxes and again through outrageous tuitions?

Parents, send your children to trade schools. Let them learn useful skills that will earn them a fine living without crushing school debt, in fields that will always be in demand; when people with degrees in social services can’t find employment, welders and plumbers will still be working.

I am vaguely curious about the Tunnel of Oppression. I wonder, does it resurface at the Interchange of Gender? Does it connect the Jersey Social Justice Shore with the Bisexual Bypass?