I asserted that the most rogue agency under the Obama Administration was the Environmental Protection Agency.

I think President Trump, who is focused on reducing America’s regulatory burden, agrees. Not even a week into his presidency, it appears that Trump has put a freeze on spending for that agency.

President Donald Trump’s administration has ordered ordered a freeze on some Environmental Protection Agency grants and contracts to states, as the department braces for more dramatic changes going forward.

…The EPA under a Donald Trump presidency will be everything he promised, according to a EPA action plan drafted by, Myron Ebell, a member of Trump’s transition team who’s also a director at the libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute.

A “wish list” for the EPA targets regulations such as those carbon emission rules that limit the amount of greenhouse gases allowed from power plants, and chopping $193 million in climate programs. The plan further calls for a change in how the EPA uses science, and calls for the agency to stop funding scientific research, over conflicts-of-interest concerns that the regulator should not also be involved with funding the science behind the regulations.

But the freeze isn’t applicable only to funding. The Trump Administration has also banned members of that agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture from giving social media updates and speaking with reporters.

The president has banned EPA employees from “providing updates on social media or to reporters,” according to interagency emails first obtained by the Associated Press, and barred them from awarding new contracts or grants as well. Trump is reportedly planning massive cuts and rollbacks for the agency.

This follows similar guidance to USDA employees, who were instructed in an internal memo obtained by Buzzfeed not to release “any public-facing documents” including “news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content” until further notice. Specifically the request was made to employees of the Agricultural Research Service, the USDA’s primary research wing, which is heavily involved in research regarding climate change.

One bureaucrat responded to the situation with the dignity and decorum we have come to anticipate from some federal employees.

The South Dakota park posted tweets Tuesday that accurately quoted climate science data, including the current record-setting high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. President Donald Trump has called climate change a hoax.

The tweets were shared thousands of times, and the Democratic National Committee circulated the message by email with the subject line “Resist.”

The original tweets have disappeared.

USDA = 0

President Trump = 1

I can’t wait to see what Shock and Awe happens tomorrow.


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