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Swarthmore College Course Asks: Is God a White Supremacist?

Swarthmore College Course Asks: Is God a White Supremacist?

‘foundational to the process of ‘whiteness-making’

Someone actually looked at the proposal for this course and thought: Yeah, this sounds reasonable.

Heat Street reports:

Prestigious Swarthmore College Offers Class Asking ‘Is God a White Supremacist?’

Another day, another university’s religion program bogged down by political correctness. Earlier this week, we reported on how two top divinity schools are suggesting gender-neutral pronouns for God — and now one of the top colleges in the nation has students asking about whether God is a racist.

Specifically, Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College is offering a religion class this semester titled, “Is God a White Supremacist?”

The course explores how religion represents race, with a particular focus on “the interpretive practices that are foundational to the process of ‘whiteness-making’ and the construction of white identity,” the spring 2017 catalog says.

Students will learn about “white supremacist ‘Christian identity’ churches,” the Nation of Islam, and “religious theories justifying racial domination,” as well as “the influence of religious thought both past and present on comparative global racisms and transnational whiteness,” according to the course description.


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I was a math major in college. I can’t even begin to understand the course description. Some of the words don’t make sense; many of the word combinations do not convey any meaning.

“Whiteness-making”? My dictionary does not define this “word.”

“Transnational whiteness”?

“The construction of white identity”?

These people deliberately hide behind gibberish to try to mask the complete lack of meaning with some indicia of intelligence.

Another useless course to provide a communist with a job.

If God is a white supremacist, please explain the existence of all the nonwhite people on this planet.

Geologist is right. When these people graduate with a degree in “(blank) studies” (where blank is religious, gender, race, afro, hispanic, etc.), they will have run up big educational debts with nothing to show for it. If you’re in some kind of construction or manufacturing, how likely would you be to hire a new manager with a “gender studies” major?