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Student Socialists Plan Nationwide Inauguration Day Walkout Over Trump

Student Socialists Plan Nationwide Inauguration Day Walkout Over Trump

“huge national student strike will send a clear message”

This is very telling. One of the reasons the left is so angry about Trump’s election is because the left thought it was getting close to bringing socialism to the U.S.

The College Fix reported:

Student socialists plan nationwide Inauguration Day walkout, claim Trump’s attacking millennials

A student socialist group has organized a nationwide walkout on Friday to protest the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, fearing the new president and his party will “unleash a storm of attacks” on various segments of the American population.

The National Student Walkout Against Bigotry & Hate is organized by Socialist Students, a campus arm of Socialist Alternative. The protest events were initiated shortly after Trump’s victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

From a press release published Nov. 13:

Donald Trump and the Republican Party are preparing to unleash a storm of attacks on women, immigrants, the Muslim community, LGBTQ people, workers, and the environment. We must stand together in solidarity against Trump’s attempts to divide us!

A huge national student strike will send a clear message to Trump, the billionaire class, and the Republican Party that we reject their agenda of bigotry, hate, and division; that we reject their corporate policies to gut our social services and education.


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nordic_prince | January 18, 2017 at 2:02 pm

Almost makes me wish I had Friday classes, so I could throw pop quizzes that day.

This is just so cute. The children will parade around with their new kazoos, pretending that they’re a marching band. Just adorable. A Hallmark moment. I hope they can work in puppies somewhere. (Unicorns, for some odd reason, happen to be unavailable.)

It still hasn’t penetrated that Hilary was simply a criminal that was going to further corrupt the government.