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Social Justice Workshops Required for Students at Marquette

Social Justice Workshops Required for Students at Marquette

“attendance will be taken at each reflection session”

Progressive policies are always so popular that they have to be required.

Campus Reform reports:

Marquette students required to attend ‘social justice’ workshops

“Many professors” at Marquette University require their students to complete “reflection sessions” on race and privilege, strictly monitoring their attendance and participation.

An online schedule and overview of the sessions asserts that “many professors have made attendance mandatory for their classes,” even noting that “attendance will be taken at each reflection session in order to inform professors of [their] participation.”

Students who try to leave early, though, or sneak in late “for any reason” will receive an incomplete for the mandatory workshop, with the tentative schedule explaining that any student who arrives “more than 15 minutes late or leave[s] more than 15 minutes early” will be penalized.

Among the sessions students can be required to sit through is one called Building an Anti-Racist Society, which will ask students to “discuss and give examples of how the pervasive nature of white privilege and white supremacy affect [them], [their] service learning experience, and society as a whole.”

That particular session, the website cautions, “is geared toward students who have a strong foundational knowledge about racism, white supremacy, [and] white privilege,” and will explore those concepts in detail, with a special focus on “allyship and advocacy.”


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I had a Vietnamese friend who endured “re-education” classes after the war. It sounds like these professors are using nearly the same tactics and principles. They are also nearly as coercive.