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Scarborough on Cory Booker Grandstanding: ‘Irked’ Dem Senators Wanted ‘to Drag Him Away’

Scarborough on Cory Booker Grandstanding: ‘Irked’ Dem Senators Wanted ‘to Drag Him Away’

An ‘obviously calculated’ presidential launch

Cory Booker’s shameless gambit of launching his presidential bid by attacking Jeff Sessions has really gotten under this Insurrectionist’s skin. From my Quick Hit of this morning: “I reckon he earned the scorn of many of his fellow Dems for his transparent ploy.”

And so it was gratifying to get confirmation this morning from Joe Scarborough, who on Morning Joe said this of Booker’s stunt: “obviously calculated . . . in a way that would have the other senators, especially Democratic senators, wanting to drag him away . . .  a lot of senators irked, especially on the Democratic side. They thought he was launching his bid for the 2020 campaign.”

Note: aside from Scarborough, the other panelists tried to cover for Cory. John Heilemann insisted that his shtick was “impassioned.” Mika Brzezinski claimed that it contained “important content.” And Willie Geist said that Booker “meant what he said.” Scarborough reported that a “collective groan” went up in the MSM during Booker’s testimony, but added, “you won’t hear that from many people.” Gee, I wonder why that might be?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Welcome back, children, to word association game. Today, the topic is the Senate. Specifically confirmation hearings. We go to John Heilemann, the word today is, are you ready? Little Cory Booker. Word association. Cory Booker.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Impassioned.

JOE: Yes.

HEILEMANN: Impassioned.

JOE: And?

HEILEMANN: Impassioned.

JOE: And?

HEILEMANN: Maybe — I kept waiting for —

JOE: The secret word is “calculating.”

HEILEMANN: Calculating. Yes. Certainly, Cory Booker’s speech yesterday you can imagine maybe in 2020 that speech being part of his presidential campaign launch.

JOE: Another phrase. Presidential launch. I have to ask this question — we’ve had Cory, we like Cory. Has anybody seen anything as calculated, as obviously calculated as this in a way that would have the other senators, especially Democratic senators, wanting to drag him away?

MIKE BARNICLE: Wrong venue. Wrong time.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Important content.

BARNICLE: Important content, but it was basically, you know, should have been given like two years from now as he launches his campaign for president.

WILIE GEIST: I think he meant what he said but I think he was also —

MIKA: And I think there is some serious questions.

WILLIE: Getting his profile out there a little bit.

JOE: All I can tell our friends at home is, across the fruited plains of the mainstream media there was a collective groan that went up during that. I’m sure you won’t hear that from many people, but very calculated and a lot of senators irked, especially on the Democratic side. They thought he was launching his bid for the 2020 campaign.


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Well, he’s black and stupid, so he has those bases covered. But he is male. Perhaps being male is a negative only if the male is white. If so, that may change soon as the fat, female, black, self-righteous, flaming liberal, entitled, cultural misappropriating feminists get focused.

    guyjones in reply to Rick. | January 13, 2017 at 3:47 am

    True, but, immediately prior to launching his 2020 Presidential bid, Booker will announce that he “identifies” as a bisexual woman.

    So, he will thus have the requisite racial, gender and sexual orientation markers fully covered. Triple victim status — you cannot beat that!

Booker is old news. The Dems want “firsts” and need a line up of Hispanics, Women, Asians, Indians (both curry and feather types…real and imagined), LGBT (maybe already there), etc, etc…. Just as “White People” need to sit down as new leadership in the Dem Party is selected, so to the fresh look of the Party must be enhanced.

Booker and Menendez are shinning examples of what idiots NJ has for voters.

Booker is exactly what I dislike about politicians; he’s sleazy! Obama spent the last eight years widening the divide between Democrats and Republicans and Booker would do the same.

His performance gives new meaning to falling on your scalpel.

Speaking of performing arts…

Mr. Chairman, we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac, and in particular at Fannie Mae

He is a company man. He’ll be fine.

I have a strong feeling our next black POTUS will be a Republican.

Why you give so many props to Joe and Mika I do not know, Dumb and dumbest

Accusations of racism: 11 billion
Actual proof of racism: zero

In other words, liberal business as usual. They need to get a new gig, after 50 years it’s getting boring. Nobody gasps and clutches their pearls when you cry “racism” anymore.

    Tom Servo in reply to CrustyB. | January 12, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    “boring” – you hit on something there. Love him or hate him, everyone agrees that Trump puts on a “must-watch” performance every time he’s in front of the cameras. He understands that showmanship is a growing part of the political world in the 24/7 video age. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for anyone with presidential ambitions. The days when someone can sit in a chair and just drone on through a checklist of talking points are gone. The MSM can’t figure out why Trump’s numbers go up even when he says something outrageous – well, it’s in large part it’s because he knows his audience and he knows how to put on a great show for them. In that, he never fails.

    And that, in the end, is Corey Booker’s worst mistake – he was BORING! He said nothing, he slept-walked through a laundry list of worn out general grievances. And his media cheerleaders say “oh no, he was impassioned!” Come On. His performance made Alistair Cooke, sitting in his Victorian armchair at the opening of Masterpiece Theater, look “impassioned”.

    Think anyone will ever show replays of Corey Booker’s “impassioned testimony”??? HA. He may just have launched and sunk his presidential campaign at the same time.

I’m sure it’s just me, but maybe Booker has super powers – ability to see two different directions at the same time?

Maybe not… but which eye do you look into? It is disconcerting.

Obambam v2.0 he is not.

    He looks up to Hillary… and down at the same time. And left… and right. It’s all the rage with Dim POTUS candidates.

Isn’t this the guy who claimed to live in New Jersey, but in fact had a apartment on Park Ave in NYC

A Howard Dean “I have a scream” moment, perhaps?