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Republican’s Bill Would Ban Tax Dollars for Certain Social Justice Courses

Republican’s Bill Would Ban Tax Dollars for Certain Social Justice Courses

Hitting them where it hurts.

The left has gone so far past serious academics with social justice course work that extraordinary measures like this seem reasonable.

The Daily Caller reports:

Arizona Lawmaker’s Bill Would BAN Taxpayer Funding Of Ridiculous Social Justice Classes

A state legislator in Arizona has crafted legislation that would prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding any coursework which stokes racial, religious or gender resentment. The bill would also ban government funding of courses which promote racial, gender or ethnic isolation.

The author of the bill is Bob Thorpe, a rural Northern Arizona Republican and the chairman of the higher education committee in the Arizona House of Representatives.

“Arizona shall not educate nor judge an individual based upon their religion, political affiliation, social class, gender, ethnicity, race or by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” Thorpe’s bill begins.

As such, the proposed legislation continues, Arizona “shall not provide funding or facilities” for any course or class which “violates civil rights laws” or “promotes division or resentment” based on an individual’s “ethnicity, race gender, religion, political affiliation or social class.”


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Another Voice | January 7, 2017 at 6:12 pm

A passed piece of legislation with these limitations are going to find a lot of University Presidents, Admins., and faculty on the unemployment line.