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President Obama’s Last Day in Office

President Obama’s Last Day in Office

The end of an era

Hard to believe it was eight years ago that President Obama made history by becoming the first black president. Today marks the last of his reign.

As the country prepares for its next peaceful transition of power, we’ve chronicled today’s highlights.

Trump and the missus arrive at the Lincoln Memorial:

Godwin’s Law happens in real life:

Nary a trace of President Obama left in the West Wing:

When dissent became patriotic again:

There were fireworks:

The ultimate trolling:

Lessons learned:

President Obama spends his last foreign leader call on Merkel:

Outgoing US President Barack Obama has phoned the German chancellor to thank her for her steady leadership. He said it was “fitting” that his final call to a foreign leader should be to her.

US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama held a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, Joachim Sauer, on Thursday to thank them for their friendship and support during Obama’s eight years in office, the White House said.
It was the final call for Obama to a foreign leader, with his successor, Donald Trump, due to be inaugurated at a ceremony on Friday.
In a statement, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said both leaders had emphasized the importance of US-German ties for the world in their conversation.

Trump’s remarks at the Union Station event:

The executive elects visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

Only in America…

Rockin’ out:

Peak Rick Perry:

Once upon an inauguration:

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I’m so ready for tomorrow:


The end of an era error

This will feel like the 11th second after the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month almost a century ago… is it over? Well, yes and no… but we can hope (REAL hope) that we can bring this country back on track. For a few hours tomorrow, we can savor the moment…and then get back to Making America GREAT again!!

I will be doing a happy dance at 10:01 MT. It may last for the entire day.

I hope my clients don’t mind.

Thank you, Chelsea Obama, you closet transvestite and world-class fool, for being stupid enough to bet the leftist ‘farm’ on that idiot Hillary Clinton.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And thank YOU, Hillary Clinton, for being the arrogant, idiot and corrupt hog that you are.

Now both of you beat it, before we pull Obama’s panties up in wedgie.

But first: an indictment…

thalesofmiletus | January 20, 2017 at 12:58 am

Our long national nightmare is over.

I certainly don’t recall any President’s exit being watched so closely.

I suppose we’re all waiting to see what childishness Il Duce will try to pull off at the last second. We’ve never had anyone quite so petulant and puerile in the office. Even Billy Jeff had reasons for his departing personal crime wave, those being basically sensible things like gratuitous sex or cash payoffs. (I’m not blaming him personally for kid stuff like trashing the White House office keyboards on the way out—that comes with the territory when your staffers are jerks.) But Obama’s twittering little tantrums are something new. Fortunately, Obama’s never been terribly good at things, and his notions of death and destruction are more frivolous than crippling. Though if he sets fire to the White House as he leaves, I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised.

I wonder if he ever issued an Executive Order for all post offices to glue his portraits to the walls, so they can’t be removed. That would be so … so … so essentially Obama, wouldn’t it?

With the coming of dawn, there is cause for optimism.

legalizehazing | January 20, 2017 at 4:28 am

It’s a weird change. I was swept up in politics in probably 2009-2010 with the Tea Party. This site quickly became one of my favorites. The Media, Hollywood + Coastal Elites, Obama, and Ried/Pelosi were this overbearing, suffocating pressure – defining the rebellion and insurrection.

Reid and Pelosi are gone. The media and Hollywood are a damaged brand but still powerful. But tomorrow when Obama is removed, it’s hard to imagine what that world will be like.

Trump is on top. Trump is putting in nominees I like. Rand and Cruz and Mike Lee and the Freedom Caucus are still renegade bulls in our Congresses. But will we still have our potent cause?

California and the Liberal lunacy dominates much of the culture war. Will the idea of DJT being the popular vote loser suffice for our under dog insurrection? Are we now stalwart deplorables standing against the raging sea of cultural Liberals?

I find myself almost glad Obama will be in DC offering his obnoxious policy opinions. I hope for DJT’s overwhelming success to turn this underdog team of misfit deplorables into Lion Hearted undisputed Champions.

As the late great Jackie Gleason would say: How sweet it is!

Some how we lived through 8 nightmare years!

God Speed to the Trump administration and god bless America!

Barack Obama: Forgotten, but not gone.

useless shitbird that he is.

Let us hope it is the end. I am afraid that with pardon of Manning and others he is building a left wing base to be a pain in the arse for our country for years to come. Once a community organizer always a community organizer.

Only one more hour for Tyrant Obama the Liar to damage the country. I pray that he won’t prevent Crooked Hillary and BJ from receiving the justice she richly deserves. A 1,000 year prison sentence and confiscation of all of their assets would restore my faith that no one is above the law.

Did you see Tyrant Obama the Liar’s last press conference? He said that he was surprised at the partisanship! That Republicans opposed him even when they agreed with his proposals. He is responsible for the partisanship and as usual blames the Republicans for his failures!

Our National Nightmare is over. Like at the end of any war, now is the time to bind up the Nation, come together, and most importantly restore the U.S. Constitution, and limits on the Government.