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President Donald Trump: The Euphoric Warrior

President Donald Trump: The Euphoric Warrior

Getting to know the new POTUS by talking with someone who knows him.

Today, we celebrate the beginning of a new presidency.

I thought that a great way to begin this new era is to learn a little something about Donald Trump from a woman who has known him for over 25 years. Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza, who was a successful and powerful real estate mogul in Chicago for many years, was a founding member of “The Trumpettes“, a group of influential women from across the country who were among his original supporters.

I chatted with her on Canto Talk this week:

Mendozza, who now resides in Florida and visits the Mar-a-Lago club frequently, is upset by the way Trump is portrayed in traditional news coverage.

“He is nothing like what is portrayed in the media. He is very kind”.

Trump’s kindness was demonstrated by him taking the time to personally insure her wedding ceremony location was in the place she originally requested, when a glitch threatened a possible relocation.

Another aspect of Trump’s character she admires his his work ethic.

“He loves to work. The man is incredible. We now have a high-powered capable man in charge… He pays attention to detail. The man absolutely thrives on contracts. He reads contracts for fun! Even when he is down here for a relaxing weekend, he doesn’t relax…he works!”

Mendozza notes that Trump has really grown during his presidential campaign and through the transition process.

“We have seen a big change. When I first met him years ago, he was germ-a-phobic. He would not touch anyone’s hand. He wouldn’t shake hands. He has changed over the years, especially over the last 18 months. He thrives on meeting people. He loves people. He’s just a people person…He is for the individual. Being on the campaign trail changed him. Meeting everyone throughout the United States changed him.”

Mendozza concurs that if Ronald Reagan, another President she admired, is a happy warrior…then Trump is a euphoric warrior.

“The more they they throw at him, the happier he is. He is a problem solver. We have been lacking that for the past 25 years, ever since Reagan.”

She would like to see Trump tackle Obamacare, security and jobs as quickly as possible. It appears that she will get her wish, as 200 executive orders are being lined-up for his consideration.

Trump’s advisers vetted more than 200 potential executive orders for him to consider signing on healthcare, climate policy, immigration, energy and numerous other issues, but it was not clear how many orders he would initially approve, according to a member of the Trump transition team who was not authorized to talk to the press.

So, as we move into the first-100-day phase of the Trump presidency, there are a lot of reasons to be at least cautiously optimistic.

Not politics as usual is the premise on which he ran,” noted Mendozza. “I think everyone will be really pleased.”


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May all who deplore Trump find it within themselves — somehow — to give the new President a @#!&$ chance to prove himself!

    tarheelkate in reply to Rab. | January 21, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Yes! We can’t expect the left to “give him a chance.” Their ideological blinders and general lack of information will prevent that. But, for those in the center and on the right who didn’t want Trump to be nominated or elected, now is the time to see what he does before deciding how to respond.

@Rab: The same people who are weeping and waiting and tearing their hair, rioting and burning, spraying swastikas, and living in fear thanks to Trump, are the same people who heaped praise and awards on Obama before he had had any sort of opportunity to prove himself good or bad. Do you really think any of them are going to give Trump a chance? They’ve already proven that that will not.

The ability to edit posts to correct for cell phone auto correct would be appreciated. 😉

Congrats to President Trump!

God speed to your new administration!

At this point the battle is not with the left…

    That’s correct – we beat the left. The battle has been, and remains with the GOPe.

    Other than the Chelsea Obamas, they are the biggest collection of rats in US political history.

Mendozza mentioned Trunp’s work ethic. Have you ever seen a 70-yr old man with such energy?!

On election eve, after giving speeches at 4 far-flung rallies, he decided at 2am to do one more unscheduled one in Michigan (and over 10 thousand showed up unforwarned in the middle of the night).

Then there was the Inaguration, yesterday. At 8:30 am Trump and Melania and others began by attending a prayer breakfast. Then there were non-stop activities all day, including Trump’s Inagural Address, his procession, and his reviewing bands. Then he made a quick trip to the White House to sign Executive Orders and change into a tux to attend 3 Balls lasting until 11pm.

Then he and his family attended a Saturday church service this morning.

Will he be working hard for us? Guess.

Deep government had gotten comfortable with Obama’s dilatory approach to governance. Are they ever in for a shock.