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Oppression of women in America?

Oppression of women in America?

THIS is actual female oppression.

I worked in National Security at Breitbart, which made me very grateful to live in America. Every day I covered stories describing actual oppression of females. I bet you anything those females would love to have the cost of their birth control as their only worry.

Those marches made me ashamed of my sex since governments in other countries actually treat its female citizens like second class citizens. I will concentrate on three countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and India.

Saudi Arabia

A major American ally. While the country has slowly started making ways out of the stone age, they still live in one. Saudi law prohibits females from leaving the house without a male guardian. The females cannot travel or even conduct any official permission without this guardian’s permission. This guardian must also make medical decisions for the female.

Yes, Leftists. In Saudi Arabia, a male MAKES YOUR MEDICAL DECISION. Last time I checked you guys did not need a male guardian to give you permission to even go to a doctor.

Oh, those disgusting vagina and pussy hats you wore? Good luck doing that in Saudi Arabia! Over there, females must keep their bodies covered except for hands and eyes. Now, in some areas a female can have her face uncovered. SO RADICAL, RIGHT?!

Did you enjoy socializing with the males who marched alongside you? In Saudi Arabia, sex segregation is a top priority. In fact, if someone catches you talking to a non-relative male, you can receive charges for adultery or prostitution! In June 2010, the courts sentenced four men and eleven men because they had the nerve for socializing at a party. Yeah, they got lashes and time in jail.

Did you drive to the marches? Because females in Saudi Arabia basically cannot drive. There are no laws, but restrictions basically make it impossible for females to enjoy driving a car. The governments force these citizens to receive a local license to drive and the places do not issue them to females. Rural areas allow a little flexibility.

I saw that the march in DC gave the metro a historic day. Yeah, Saudi Arabia does not like for its females to enjoy public transportation because God forbid they mingle with non-related males. THE HORROR.

I could go on, but let’s move to another country.


Ironically, females worked hard to overthrow the government in 1979. The result gave females an oppressive government with little rights.

Work in the government? You must abide by the Islamic dress code. The previous government banned the hijab, but this new government forced ALL females to wear it. No choice. So you go from one extreme to the other. How lovely. The government banned females from becoming judges. Females must wear the hijab out in public. Want an education? You have to wear the hijab to school.

Females cannot play sports! To make it worse, females cannot even watch the males play these sports.

Guess what happened in 2015? Iran proposed bills to OUTLAW VOLUNTARY STERILIZATION. Yup! LITERALLY NO BIRTH CONTROL. Females cannot even receive information about ways to prevent pregnancy.

Another proposed law propped up gender discrimination:

The Comprehensive Population and Exaltation of Family Bill (Bill 315), which is due to be discussed in parliament next month, would further entrench gender-based discrimination, particularly against women who choose not to or are unable to marry or have children.

The bill instructs all private and public entities to prioritize, in sequence, men with children, married men without children and married women with children when hiring for certain jobs. It also makes divorce more difficult and discourages police and judicial intervention in family disputes opening women up to increased risks of domestic violence.


India remains one of the most dangerous places on this planet for females. In 2011, a poll placed it at number four. Acid attacks help keep India high in the poll because any female from any class can have this attack, mainly used as revenge. Thing is, many of the attacks go unpunished.

The government outlawed child marriage, but no one enforces it! A family can marry off their young daughter to a disgusting old man. The girl better not fight back or else the family will punish her. Then there are those pesky dowry gifts. If a female violates the marriage contract, husbands have been known to kill or punish the female. Her family rarely comes to her aide because she has shamed them.

In rural areas, females often face punishment if males in their house commit a crime:

In August, village leaders in Uttar Pradesh state allegedly ordered the rape of two Dalit sisters to pay for the “sins” of their brother who had eloped with a higher-caste woman. These unofficial village councils, called Khaps, made up of men from dominant castes who often enjoy political patronage, are known to issue edicts restricting women’s mobility and rights, and condemning couples for marrying outside their caste or religion.

India witnessed a massive spike in honor killings:

India has registered an almost 800 percent rise in the number of killings in the name of “honour” reported last year, according to figures presented in parliament.

Indian police registered 251 cases of honour killings in 2015, compared with 28 cases reported in 2014 when the government began counting them separately from murder, according to a statement this week by Junior Home Minister Hansraj G Ahir to India’s parliament.

These silly females actually thought they could marry outside of their class or clan! HOW DARE THEY TRY TO HAVE FREEDOM AND CHOOSE THEIR OWN HUSBAND!!! Yes, their families will kill or harm them if they do something like this.

So there you have it, females in America. Keep whining about your birth control and no abortions on demand. You have NO idea what oppression feels like. You have NO idea what it feels like to be treated like a second class citizen. I suggest you study up on the rest of the world and get some perspective before you lecture about the alleged horrible way females are treated in America.


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You don’t hear the really oppressed women hollering, me, me, me.

The march wasn’t about women. It was about the progressive agenda. They dis-invited pro-life women and physically harassed and assaulted pro-Trump women who dared attend.

It’s no surprise really, it’s the same thing with their supposed support for blacks and other minorities. They “support” them as long as they toe the progressive line. Otherwise they’re Uncle Toms and need to be destroyed.

But hey, conservatives are fascists, huh?

    The “Party of Tolerance” is unable to tolerate even the slightest hint of “wrongthink”.

    No surprise at all, really.

      Tom Servo in reply to Archer. | January 23, 2017 at 8:27 pm

      Half of the motivation for the march was middle aged women mad that they lost an election. The other half was middle aged women mad that they’re not 18 years old anymore.

      And then they tried to act like they really were 18, and that’s just pathetic no matter the circumstances.

Henry Hawkins | January 23, 2017 at 7:22 pm

The Dem’s free contraception ‘right’ schtick is a replay of the ‘war on women’ propaganda popularized by George Stephanopoulis’ gotcha question to Mitt Romney during a 2012 debate.

The Women’s March is just more social churning and agitation instigated by the Soros/liberal/Democrat/progressive/etc. alliance.

Some street walkers have more credibility than other street walkers.

    Bob00 in reply to Anchovy. | January 23, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    I want to know why Russia has better hookers than the USA! We need to get our streetwalkers into a gym to get rid of some of that fat so we can defeat Russia in Hooker War 1. Come on ladies, do it for yourself, for your wife, for your good health. Squat thrusts count of a million! 1….

I worked for an Int’l NGO and visited parts of Africa. One thing that amazed me was that the older women appreciated learning to read, how to run a business, and how to improve their lives, but they didn’t see the need to pass the training along to the younger females in the village.

Why? Because the girls were to be married off to another village, so why improve their lives? They didn’t comprehend that if they taught their daughters, perhaps the next village would teach theirs and everyone would be better off.

I have to wonder if some customs are continued because the elders were subjected to certain things, they were hardened and continued the practice. With all the noise about “pussies” this weekend, how many of those women would want to experience FGM?

ugottabekiddinme | January 23, 2017 at 8:15 pm

The account of Indian women’s oppression due to caste (a Hindu precept) was interesting, as less widely known in the West than examples from Saudi Arabia and Iran. In those latter states, the status of women derives from adherence to precepts of Sunni- and Shia- Islam, respectively. Still, I doubt such revelations matter much to so-called “progressives,” as they also follow precepts based on belief, and so, like much religious doctrine or dogma, their views are not susceptible to rational analysis. Sad.

This article includes India, where Islam is not the only factor. Nevertheless, when it comes to the oppression of women in the world at large, Islam is the dominant factor. American feminists should be on the front line of a “war” against Islam, but I guess they have more important things on their mind.

I put together a page on Women Under Islam for my church small group’s website. If interested, check it out ( ). Suffice it to say that Muslims and their apologists have worked very hard to paint Islam’s treatment of women in a positive light. They have not succeeded.

Please proof read your article. Quite a few grammatical errors. I get it that you’re rightfully upset, but that has made you rush what you wrote.