On Friday, I posted a Quick Take about ‘New Civics’ based on a story from the Washington Times. New Civics is nothing more than an attempt to turn the study of civics away from government and citizenship and towards activism and protests.

It is essentially an attempt to further radicalize college students, as if they needed any help to do that.

Colleen Flaherty of Inside Higher Ed has written an in-depth article on the subject:

Report Warns of ‘New Civics,’ Seeks Requirement

A new report from the National Association of Scholars warns against the rise of what it calls “new civics” and recommends that legislators mandate a course in “traditional” American civics as a graduation requirement at all colleges and universities that receive public funding. “What we call the ‘new civics’ redefines civics as progressive political activism,” reads the 525-page report. “Rooted in the radical program of the 1960s’ New Left, the new civics presents itself as an up-to-date version of volunteerism and good works. Though camouflaged with soft rhetoric, the new civics, properly understood, is an effort to repurpose higher education.”

The report says that the alleged movement, above all, seeks to make students “enthusiastic supporters” of the “New Left’s dream of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America,” including by “decarbonizing the economy, massively redistributing wealth, intensifying identity group grievance, curtailing the free market, expanding government bureaucracy, elevating international ‘norms’ over American constitutional law and disparaging our common history and ideals.” The report asserts that “service learning” initiatives at colleges seek to teach students that a “good citizen is a radical activist, and it puts political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extracurricular pursuits and off-campus ventures.”

The National Association of Scholars report is long but you can see it here.

This short excerpt explains what it’s all about:

New Civics builds on “service-learning,” which is an effort to divert students from the classroom to vocational training as community activists. By rebranding itself as “civic engagement,” servicelearning succeeded in capturing nearly all the funding that formerly supported the old civics. In practice this means that instead of teaching college students the foundations of law, liberty, and self-government, colleges teach students how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations. These are indeed forms of “civic engagement,” but they are far from being a genuine substitute for learning how to be a full participant in our republic.

New Civics has still further ambitions. Its proponents want to build it into every college class regardless of subject. The effort continues without so far drawing much critical attention from the public.

This is nothing more than an attempt to train a new generation of community organizers.

Brian Kilmeade of FOX News recently discussed this with Professor F. H. Buckley of George Mason University.

Trump and Republicans in Congress should cut off these funds. Immediately.

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