Some American college students are considering what many American celebrities promised to do if Trump won. Head for the northern border.

FOX News reports:

College in Canada? After Trump’s win, more in US consider it

In the wake of the presidential election, more U.S. students are thinking about going to college in Canada.

Universities from Quebec to British Columbia say applications and website visits from the U.S. have surged since Donald Trump’s victory. At the University of Toronto, applications are up 70 percent compared with this time last year, and web traffic has increased more than twelvefold.

Among those planning to study in Canada is 17-year-old Lara Godoff of Napa, California, who worries that Trump’s administration will ease enforcement of rules against sexual assault on campus.

Many Canadian colleges had already been ramping up recruiting in the U.S., but some credit the election with an extra boost in demand.