The Trumps may be considering a goldendoodle named Patton as the official White House pet, but the Pences have no such dilemma. Vice President Pence and family brought their furry entourage to the Imperial City earlier this month.

The Pences have two cats, Oreo and Pickle, and a bunny named Marlon Bundo.

Bundo has been on several adventures, including a fancy trip to D.C. with his other fluffy family members:

The BOTUS celebrated the inauguration with an extra helping of leafy greens:

He’s already busy at work, sitting on desks:

Had a productive first day as #botus working hard to #makeamericagreatagain !

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And hopping around feet:

Mom, hurry up! We have so much to do in our #firstbundreddays as #botus !

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You can follow Marlon Bundo on Twitter and Instagram.

Bundo is pretty adorable, but my favorite executive pet story goes to Andrew Jackson’s parrot, who’d picked up such vile language, it had to be carried out of Old Hickory’s funeral. Meanwhile, Coolidge had his very own wildlife collection, complete with raccoons, a bobcat, and donkey.

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