Yes, apparently some major Democratic donors have started pushing Hillary Clinton to run for New York City mayor. John Gizzi, the White House correspondent for Newsmax, heard the rumors from unanimous sources and said that her “inner circle” has become “intrigued” by the idea.

Not shocking, really, since the Clintons yearn for the spotlight in politics and who really thought she would go quietly into the night after President-elect Donald Trump defeated her on November 8? These rumors have really taken off with the New York Post editorial board urging her to run, even before anyone has confirmed if she would do it:

It seems unlikely — but the idea’s been floating around for several days now, and so far she’s not rejecting it. For what it’s worth, Secretary Clinton, we’d love to see you run for mayor. New York City needs you.

If anyone has seen House of Cards you know the power of the media. To get President Walker to nominate Senator Kathy Durant, Francis Underwood plants the seed with Zoe Barnes, who published it in the newspaper. It worked.

The Post trashes current Mayor Bill De Blasio without even naming him, instead calling him the incumbent. The board accuses him of handing “the work of running the city off to one or two deputies, while he spends time on politics and p.r. stunts.” They wrote:

And it shows — in the details those overworked deputies let slip, like that Rivington Street nursing-home flip, and in the crises that go too long unacknowledged, from the Bronx outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease to the surge in street homelessness.

Clinton is a fighter and a problem-solver. For eight years, she was a fine senator for this state, working relentlessly on 9/11 recovery and also for constituents in areas far from the media spotlight.

Another source spoke to the New York Daily News:

Hillary Clinton left open the possibility of running for mayor of New York City this year in a private conversation with a top Democrat, a well-placed source told the Daily News.

Clinton, who is being pressed by many New York Dems to get back into the game by running for mayor, did not rule out challenging current City Hall occupant Mayor de Blasio in that conversation, the source said.

Local news stations interviewed residents and it looks like many would support her:

“I would love to see that,” said Aiden Murtagh of the Upper West Side. He said he would vote for Clinton over de Blasio “for sure.”

“It’s funny, I was just thinking about that this morning,” said Tom Ort of Long Island City, Queens. “I mean, I like Hillary. I voted for her. But I’m not sure that I like the idea.”

“I would be interested to hear what she’d have to say,” said Mandana Libert of Long Island City.

“It’s a good idea,” said Ruben Castillo of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “I love her. I’m still with her.”

As Alyssa Canobbio at The Washington Free Beacon pointed out that the panel on Meet the Press had fun with this possibility and took turns joking about what Hillary should next.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell called the idea of running for mayor a “terrible idea” while New York Times columnist David Brooks wants Hillary “to have fun” and maybe appear on Celebrity Apprentice.