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Hillary Clinton for New York City Mayor?

Hillary Clinton for New York City Mayor?

Madame Mayor?

Yes, apparently some major Democratic donors have started pushing Hillary Clinton to run for New York City mayor. John Gizzi, the White House correspondent for Newsmax, heard the rumors from unanimous sources and said that her “inner circle” has become “intrigued” by the idea.

Not shocking, really, since the Clintons yearn for the spotlight in politics and who really thought she would go quietly into the night after President-elect Donald Trump defeated her on November 8? These rumors have really taken off with the New York Post editorial board urging her to run, even before anyone has confirmed if she would do it:

It seems unlikely — but the idea’s been floating around for several days now, and so far she’s not rejecting it. For what it’s worth, Secretary Clinton, we’d love to see you run for mayor. New York City needs you.

If anyone has seen House of Cards you know the power of the media. To get President Walker to nominate Senator Kathy Durant, Francis Underwood plants the seed with Zoe Barnes, who published it in the newspaper. It worked.

The Post trashes current Mayor Bill De Blasio without even naming him, instead calling him the incumbent. The board accuses him of handing “the work of running the city off to one or two deputies, while he spends time on politics and p.r. stunts.” They wrote:

And it shows — in the details those overworked deputies let slip, like that Rivington Street nursing-home flip, and in the crises that go too long unacknowledged, from the Bronx outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease to the surge in street homelessness.

Clinton is a fighter and a problem-solver. For eight years, she was a fine senator for this state, working relentlessly on 9/11 recovery and also for constituents in areas far from the media spotlight.

Another source spoke to the New York Daily News:

Hillary Clinton left open the possibility of running for mayor of New York City this year in a private conversation with a top Democrat, a well-placed source told the Daily News.

Clinton, who is being pressed by many New York Dems to get back into the game by running for mayor, did not rule out challenging current City Hall occupant Mayor de Blasio in that conversation, the source said.

Local news stations interviewed residents and it looks like many would support her:

“I would love to see that,” said Aiden Murtagh of the Upper West Side. He said he would vote for Clinton over de Blasio “for sure.”

“It’s funny, I was just thinking about that this morning,” said Tom Ort of Long Island City, Queens. “I mean, I like Hillary. I voted for her. But I’m not sure that I like the idea.”

“I would be interested to hear what she’d have to say,” said Mandana Libert of Long Island City.

“It’s a good idea,” said Ruben Castillo of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “I love her. I’m still with her.”

As Alyssa Canobbio at The Washington Free Beacon pointed out that the panel on Meet the Press had fun with this possibility and took turns joking about what Hillary should next.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell called the idea of running for mayor a “terrible idea” while New York Times columnist David Brooks wants Hillary “to have fun” and maybe appear on Celebrity Apprentice.


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Lawdy, lawdy…puuuuleeeeze no mor.

Just. Go. Away.

And take your whore-dog with.

    JOHN B in reply to Ragspierre. | January 8, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Bill Clinton read the Hillary for Mayor article and announced:

    “We’re back in business. Hell, with the UN right in town, we can just line ’em up whenever we need some cash.” 🙂

Please do! And have Donald Trump Jr run against her! (Instapundits ides, not mine).

Or better yet, Ivanka!

Henry Hawkins | January 8, 2017 at 3:55 pm

On the contrary, Hillary Clinton is precisely what New York City deserves.

lots of graft to be had in NYC…

and, as above, NYC and the FAB deserve each other. besides, a spectacular failure in that seat would do wonders for her image going forward towards 2020.

assuming she lives that long, of course.

It’s not unlikely at all. It’s very obvious.

Everyone proclaimed Hillary’s political death after the election. But she needs a stake driven through her heart, and that hasn’t happened. (Yet.)

For the Clinton machine to cause serious damage, one of them has to be in office, potentially if not actually. Bill’s not a problem. He’s not interested in money and power to anywhere near the extent that Hillary is. Bill just wants to chase after interns, in his wheelchair if need be. And Chelsea is just too dumb and too repellant to be able to reconstruct Hillary’s crime machine on her own, even with a head start. But even an old and dying Hillary is a menace.

Hillary can stay politically alive by taking some other office. The national weak point is New York. Those idiots will actually vote for her. Governor or mayor are the most dangerous positions, though even a return to the Senate might be adequate for her sinister purposes. Upstate won’t vote for her for Governor, but the NYC population is so large that upstate voters probably have little to say about it.

Once she’s in office—just about any office—the Clinton Slush Foundation becomes viable again. And, therefore, dangerous.

So, what’s the good news?

Hillary still has her lifetime of crimes hanging over her head. Successful prosecution could finish her off for good. To avoid that, she can either count on a blanket pardon from Obama, or she can lie low and not make any threatening moves, in the hope that nobody will be all that interested in pursuing a crooked but safely retired witch.

If she shows signs of political life, the Republicans—meaning the Trump administration—must destroy her to the full extent legally possible. Or destroy the Clinton money machine (the Charitable Trust, the Global Initiative, and whatever other cute disguises it’s hiding under). That would pull the fangs from Madame Fu Manchu. The exact approach would depend on Obama’s last-minute flurry of pardons, and that hash’t happened yet. But until it does, not even the Republicans will be stupid enough to say anything at all about prosecution. The less Obama knows about their strategic options, the better.

    RodFC in reply to tom swift. | January 8, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Everyone proclaimed Hillary’s political death after the election. But she needs a stake driven through her heart, and that hasn’t happened.
    No she needs garlic ( flowers ) shoved in her mouth and sewn shut. Then cut off her head.

    gourdhead in reply to tom swift. | January 9, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Hopefully Billary will face the wrath of Jeff Sessions once he takes office. She will finally answer for her crimes.

She’d have to move to the city first.

She could barely hold of the Socialist during the Dim primary. In fact, without the DNC and the media whores tipping the scales she probably would have lost to him. Why do they think she’d have any better luck against the Communist that is currently major of NY?

The bottom line is that she is old, feeble, corrupt, a congenital liar, a criminal and a dismal failure at just about everything she’s ever done. Other than that she’s OK.

    ooddballz in reply to Paul. | January 8, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    The bottom line is that she is old, feeble, corrupt, a congenital liar, a criminal and a dismal failure at just about everything she’s ever done.

    So, in other words, she would be perfect for the job.

    Bob00 in reply to Paul. | January 8, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Old Kankles?

New York City has a big budget, and the Clintons have donors looking for opportunity.

Only if her only other choice of employment is as a Victoria’s Secret model.

What’s with the 15+ year old photo at the top?
If you must (which we hope you don’t) run a photo, please make it a current one.

Hillary should star in her own reality show where aspiring young political hacks vie for her approval. We can call it, “The Protege”.

The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua NEEDS to stay large and in-charge to keep her 2020 campaign on track. Getting the Big Apple helps keep her face in the news and a platform to get street cred for running a government.

I assume that Mayor Bill de Blasio was unavailable for comment.

I have to say that, as a Californian, I am grateful she is not considering an office in this state.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Leslie Eastman. | January 9, 2017 at 10:15 am

    On the other hand, California could do the rest of America a big favor by accepting her as a CA mayor or senator. I mean, one more moonbat in CA is like one more teaspoon of water in the Pacific.

I’m sure that Hillary would do just as well as Rahm Emanuel has done in Chicago.

She’s not an NYC resident. Plus she has extremely low energy. Mary is a 24/7 job. She has neither the healthy, stamina or smarts for the job.

She can use Chelsea’s address for residency. Or her Brooklyn headquarters. But I doubt she wants the job.

What happened to Hillary For Prison?

It’s not too late.

Doubt it. She lost at running for President twice so let’s see if I can get a job as the Mayor? No chance for the big cash influx to her foundation as the Mayor.