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Harvard Students and Alumni Will Join Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington

Harvard Students and Alumni Will Join Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington

“send a bold message to our new government”

What exactly is a demonstration like this supposed to accomplish? Conservatives were upset when Obama won but they didn’t protest the day after his inauguration.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Hundreds of Harvard Students and Alumni to Join Women’s March on Washington

When thousands descend on the United States Capitol Jan. 21 to join the Women’s March on Washington, a demonstration planned around Donald Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of Harvard undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni will walk among them.

With the protest now less than a month away, Harvard student and alumni groups have planned trips to the March in an attempt to encourage attendance. To date, around 400 Harvard affiliates have said they intend to march.

Organizers began planning the March the morning after Nov. 8’s presidential election, when Trump won the presidency in an upset victory over Hillary Clinton. The demonstration, slated for the day after Trump’s inauguration, is meant to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office… that women’s rights are human rights,” according to the event website.


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At the back of the line just like if you actually had testicles.

The leftists have completely lost their minds, if any. What do these losers hope to accomplish with all their whining and clowning around? They’re just making the case that Trump voters did the right thing on Nov. 8 in putting the adults in charge and the babies back in the playpen.