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Federal Judge Warns Yale on Free Speech

Federal Judge Warns Yale on Free Speech

“a habit of trampling on First Amendment protections”

The infringements on free speech at Yale are piling up.

Heat Street reports:

Federal Judge Warns Yale University: You’re Killing Freedom of Speech

A federal judge is chastising Yale University for caving to the demands of hypersensitive students, and he is warning that the elite school is developing a habit of trampling on First Amendment protections.

Writing for the Yale Law & Public Public Review (via CampusReform), US Circuit Judge Jose Cabranes (who was previously Yale’s general counsel) referred to Encounter Books’ recent decision to republish copies of the Woodward Report, a Yale document affirming its commitment to freedom of expression. In 1975, the university adopted the report as official school policy.

Cabranes says that their decision to reprint the report was a response to the institution’s fading commitment to its contents. Last year, Yale students petitioned to abolish its course on “Major English Poets,” which has existed since 1920, because they found it “hostile to students of color.” In the days prior, two professors resigned amid a scandal revolving around the “cultural appropriation” of offensive Halloween costumes.

Yale students also protested Milo Yiannopoulos, whose speaking engagement was canceled over last-minute venue changes, exorbitant security fees and a variety of other restrictions that the Conservative firebrand deemed “absurd.”

The federal judge also highlighted his concern with Yale’s commitment to “civility.”


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The children at Yale are far too delicate to encounter any type of free speech that might question their dogmatic beliefs. Now that two faculty have resigned for having the gall to suggest that students should be allowed to choose their own Halloween costumes without administrative guidance, the faculty will be cautious not to offend any of their young charges. That’s why I went to Harvard rather than Yale. But Harvard is getting nearly as bad. If you want a good education, go to the U of Chicago.

And to think that a great many oir this country’s future leaders attend Yale. It is truly horrifying how far Yale and other institutions of higher learning have fallen away from their mission of teaching and preparing students for the real world. Is it any wonder why college has no value left in today’s world?

Unless Judge Cabranes, or other federal judges, issue punitive orders against Yale and similar institutions, they will continue to abrogate free speech.

What type of punitive order? Not making a wedding cake = $100,000.00+ penalty.

Violating the first amendment and encouraging and condoning threats and violent responses to politically-incorrect speakers, maybe $100,000,000.00.