They’re using the Catholic doctrine of caring for the poor to justify this but it reeks of politics.

Campus Reform reports:

Notre Dame Faculty Senate demands ‘sanctuary campus’

The University of Notre Dame’s Faculty Senate passed a controversial resolution urging the school’s president to declare the university a sanctuary campus and refuse cooperation with ICE.

A copy of the resolution, obtained by Campus Reform, employs the school’s Catholic identity to persuade ND President Rev. John Jenkins, urging him to consider the “Gospel values that recognize the needs of the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged in society.”

The resolution goes on to invoke the rhetoric of Pope Francis, who has repeatedly “called for understanding of the plight of migrants and refugees,” to argue in favor of the sanctuary campus movement, urging Jenkins “to declare the university a sanctuary campus and adopt the following sanctuary provisions.”

The subsequent list of provisions calls for increased resources for illegal immigrant students, including an on-campus office where they can have “access to legal counsel,” as well as a commitment to continue admitting such students regardless of whether President Trump terminates or curtails the DACA program.

“The university affirms unequivocally that undocumented students are full members of the Notre Dame family who will be protected to the fullest extent possible,” the resolution continues, calling for a halt to all voluntary cooperation with immigration enforcement agencies and asking Jenkins to implement a policy that does “not allow” such agencies “to be present on the university campus for enforcement purposes.”