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Ex-Mex Prez Vicente Fox: Trump Like ‘Hitler,’ GOP Like ‘Nazi Party’

Ex-Mex Prez Vicente Fox: Trump Like ‘Hitler,’ GOP Like ‘Nazi Party’

Fox tells Trump to ‘grow up,’ tweets that Mexico will not pay for ‘f——‘ wall

In a live interview on today’s Morning Joe, Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, explicitly compared President Trump to “Hitler,” and the Republican part to the “Nazi party.”

He did so in response to a request for clarification from Willie Geist, who noted that yesterday Fox had said: “when I saw [the] gathering of the Republican party retreat, Trump being there reminded me of Hitler addressing the Nazi party.”

Responded Fox: “Just comparing Donald Trump with Hitler and comparing the Republican party with the Nazi party, because they — they don’t seem to have free mind. They don’t have to decide on their own. They seem to be doing just exactly what Señor Trump proposed to them.” Fox went on to urge Trump to “grow up, grow up.”

Note: in recent tweets, as here, Fox has repeatedly stated that Mexico is not going to pay for that “f—— wall,” with the word being spelled out in the original.

Note segundo: after the interview, the Morning Joe panel responded with scorn to Fox’s comments. Joe Scarborough observed that Trump’s proposal of a 20% border tax “is a little different than exterminating six million Jews and starting World War II.”

WILLIE GEIST: Let’s go now down to Mexico. Joining us now, the former President of Mexico, Mr. Vicente Fox. Mr. President, thanks for being with us this morning. I think it’s an understatement to say that you are no fan of Donald Trump, looking at some of the things you’ve said about him lately. Just yesterday you said, when I saw today’s gathering of the Republican party retreat, Trump being there reminded me of Hitler addressing the Nazi party. Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. What did you mean there?

VICENTE FOX: Just comparing Donald Trump with Hitler and comparing the Republican party with the Nazi party, because they — they don’t seem to have free mind. They don’t have to decide on their own. They seem to be doing just exactly what Señor Trump proposed to them. I would say, Señor Trump, please, please grow up. I mean, now you’re president of a great nation, of the most powerful nation in the world. Please, grow up. Be or try to be a real president.


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Just tell Fox that we’ll institute the same immigration policies and deal with illegal immigrants the same way Mexico does. And then tell him to STFU.


This underachiever was (and still is) living the high life as Mexico’s President while millions of his citizens were breaking international border laws to escape the rampant crime, corruption and shitty economy under his regime.

And we care about his opinion because…?

G. de La Hoya | January 27, 2017 at 9:00 am

My thoughts exactly, Aucturian. Who gives a rat’s a$$ what this 1%er of a third world country thinks. Is he really that naive or stupid to think they won’t pay in one form or another? Or is his big mouth something of an underlying purpose?

    MattMusson in reply to G. de La Hoya. | January 27, 2017 at 10:14 am

    The USA is Negotiating from a Position of Strength and a lot of people are freaking out!

    We have not negotiated this way on Trade for 70 years. And, you would think we were threatening to nuke them by the way they are squealing. Third world 1%’ers and in this country the Chamber of Commerce Lackeys!

An observation from the transcript – the MSNBC folks seem to give Fox the expected honor as a former leader. Notice the terms “former president”, “Mr. Fox”, “Mr. President”. Both Geist and Fox do not use the same terms – it’s “Donald Trump” and “Senor Trump”.

Small detail, but still interesting. And the press always seems to use more inflammatory words when describing something related to Rs than when they describe the same activity of Ds. I vaguely remember someone saying that words are important and that they have meaning….who said that???

Seems to me that the primary issue is why people find it necessary to flee their homeland by the millions even if they have to illegally enter another country.

It’s not what is wrong with the United States, it what is wrong with Mexico.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 27, 2017 at 10:00 am


Thanks for the good laughs this morning Mark.

Who was it that stated you’ve already lost as soon as you compare your opponent as Hitler?

What a maroon.

Since Fox apparently has nothing constructive to offer maybe Nieto can have some of his cartel acquaintances convince Fox to re-retire in silence.

Vicente is a lot like Lena Dunham. Neither has any talent but for some reason, the msm keeps interviewing them. Both are a lot like Hollywood actors in that they can get by publicly until they open their mouths.


*wiping eyes* Thank you so much for my morning laugh, Mr. Finkelstein! I fear that watching it would be too harsh on my stomach with my morning coffee, but your synopsis is, like Baby Bear’s porridge, just.right.

Holy cow, this has been a deliciously fun week!

“Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies”

Fox explicitly compared President Trump to “Hitler,” and the Republican part to the “Nazi party.”


Oh, yeah, just like it. Until Senor Fox had mentioned it, all the comparisons had just escaped me. It’s all so clear to me now.

After hearing his explanations I got out my copy of Shirer’s Rise and Fall (1960) to find out how Trump’s administration will end.

I am so saddened to think that, in a few years’ time, Mar-a-Lago will look like Berlin’s Teufelsberg.

They need to worry about their own shit first. They can no longer subsidize a cheaper market for their people.

    Wow – that’s some interesting news. Mexico is running out of gas – some key quotes from the article on the Daily Beast…. The article says that the price of gas increased more than 20%.

    “For those wondering why an oil-rich country would be affected by global rates, Mexico now imports more than 60 percent of its fuel, after having allowed its refineries to severely deteriorate through years of unwillingness to increase spending for infrastructure in the oil sector.”

    “Oil theft enriches Mexico’s criminal cartels and lone wolf gas thieves to the tune of $1 billion a year, but this week people across Mexico accused the government, not the gangs, of ripping them off.”

    ““Trying to maintain the artificial price of gasoline would have forced us to cut social programs, raise taxes, or increase the country’s foreign debt, placing the stability of the entire economy at risk,” President Enrique Peña Nieto said Thursday night, addressing the nation.

    But, as one follows the bouncing ball back around, Mexican Finance Minister José Antonio Meade explains that continuing gas subsidies would have cost the government $9.3 billion in 2017, an increase from the nearly $5 billion spent last year.” and finally…

    “But the steep price increase will impact the poorest harder than anyone. The cost of one gallon of gasoline in Mexico is now just 65 cents less than Mexico’s newly increased minimum wage, which is now 80 pesos—or about $3.75 for a full day’s work. ”

    Pemex, the oil company, is owned by the state. It was formed in 1938 when the state took over all private oil companies.

    It could get interesting.

    davod in reply to scaulen. | January 28, 2017 at 10:44 am

    They have to subsidize the market because they have few real jobs that pay well.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 27, 2017 at 11:34 am

Adam Johnson, a writer for “The Nation”, of all places, has been keeping a list of the things other writers have compared Trump to. I just discovered this tweet thread yesterday. It is VERY long and takes maybe 20 seconds or so for the whole thing to load on my computer. Scroll through it if you get the chance. His commentary about the ridiculous comparisons had me laughing. It’s hilarious.

I was just reminded that today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. What’s amazing is that the United Nations designated this day and there was a ceremony at the UN today.

Sure. You go ahead there, Fox. I’m sure comparing Trump to Hitler will surprise him and make him reconsider his actions. It will really set you apart as a deep thinker with insightful positions on world events.

Because surely nobody has compared Trump to Hitler yet.

If Trump is Hitler, wouldn’t it be a good idea for Mexico to build a wall?

don’t tax the imports from Mexico: tax the remittances from all the illegals here sent back south… everywhere in Central & South America

you could build a YUGE and Bigly wall with all the money.

plus lots of them would self-deport too.


    Those remittances were received as fair compensation for labor performed.

    There are other market distortions that should be addressed before targeting people who labored in sanctuary states.

Mr. Fox, stop exporting your unwanted, inconvenient, and unworthy citizens.

Just got an e-mail from Adolf Hitler in the Ninth Circle of Hell:

“Watched Vicente Fox on MSNBC (damn, it’s the only channel we get down here). What a burrito-rolling dummkopf. I’m gonna start charging El Maximo Pendejo to use my name.”