European Union’s Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini has issued a threat directed at U.S. President Donald Trump.

Mogherini warned President Trump that he would “end up being in a prison” for his executive orders, one which temporarily halted the entry of Syrian refugees and another which seeks to begin the construction of a southern border wall, UK newspaper Express reports.

Mogherini also lectured President Trump on European history and tradition, and on how Europeans celebrate “when walls are brought down and bridges are built.”

Italian politician Mogherini played a key role in negotiating the Iran Deal or the “worst deal ever negotiated” as President Trump pointed out. She began her political career with the youth wing of the Italian communist party and made it to the post of E.U.’s High Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy as a member of the ‘Party of European Socialists’.

The E.U. Foreign Minister was not the only European politician to question the legality of President Trump’s executive order putting travel restrictions on Syrian refugees and visitors from seven terrorism affected countries for 90 days. German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed President Trump’s decision saying, “This act runs contrary to the basic principles of international refugee help and international cooperation.”

Leader of Germany’s Left Party, Katja Kipping, called President Trump’s executive order a “crusade against Muslims”.

British newspaper Express reported Mogherini’s comments on President Trump:

In a clear message to President Trump, who has made little secret of his disdain for the EU, Ms Mogherini warned against those who wish to build walls rather than bridges.

She said: “In Europe we have a history that has told that every time one invests in divisions and walls you might end up being in a prison if you build all walls around you.

“We have a history and a tradition that we celebrate when walls are brought down and bridges are built.”

Just as in the U.S., European media is describing President’s travel restrictions as a ‘Muslim Ban’. The fact that it targets passport-holders from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days — countries based on security assessments conducted by Obama administration — doesn’t appear in the mainstream media narrative.

American Mainstream media lives in the same bubble as the European leaders like Merkel and Mogherini. They all want to ‘build bridges and bring down walls’. They also share a disdain for the working class which ultimately picks up the tab for their grandstanding and virtue signaling. With Europe in the midst of a self-inflicted migrant crisis, leaders like Merkel and Mogherini are indignant that the U.S. won’t follow them into the abyss.

For over a year, Merkel and other European politicians have been covering up their incompetence by telling people that borders can’t be secured and migrants can’t be stopped from swarming Europe. If Trump succeeds in securing the U.S. borders, it will be a political disaster for Merkel and her likes.

Watch: ‘Fight against terrorism does not justify Trump’s travel ban,’ says Merkel:

[Cover image courtesy Euronews, YouTube]


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