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Duke University Vows to Protect International Students From Trump

Duke University Vows to Protect International Students From Trump

Fear mongering.

This is just more over reaction from liberals acting as if squads of uniformed officers are going to invade college campuses and drag students away in the middle of the night.

The Daily Caller reports:

Duke University Pledges To Protect International Students From Trump

Duke University faculty and leadership vowed to help protect international students from President Donald Trump, according to a Monday report from the Charlotte Observer.

The decision came after Trump signed the executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations, including Iraq and Iran. A recent industry study revealed that over 17,000 international students attend classes in the United States from the countries affected by the executive order, the Charlotte Observer reports.

“Duke University is committed to, and is greatly enriched by, the open exchange of students, scholars and ideas from all over the globe,” reads the statement by Duke University president Richard Brodhead and provost Sally Kornbluth.

“We are deeply concerned about the well-being of students, faculty and staff who may be impacted by the policies that have now been put in place, and will join with the rest of higher education to bring these concerns to the attention of policymakers and the public.”


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And here is the proof that students in these soi disant institutions of higher learning are being lead by “adults” who don’t know how to read or think! The Executive Order on immigration does not say what they are claiming it does, which they would know if they had read it and were capable of thinking about it rationally. No one well grounded in the English language could have read it and still believe it says what they are claiming.

Unless, of course, they’re purposely lying in order to continue the “Trump is Hitler” meme.

This is from the same school that wouldn’t protect 3 students falsely accused of rape from a witch-hunt by 88 of their own faculty. Oh, wait. They were white jocks playing an elitist sport.

I was thinking the same thing as John Richardson …

The civil rights and the protection of procedure & law for the “Duke 3” were trampled in a joyous feminist hatefest.