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College Students Demand Free Tampons

College Students Demand Free Tampons

‘If men had a need for tampons, they’d be falling out of the sky.’

Some college students sure are comfortable demanding things for free.

USA Today reports:

College students are demanding free tampons on campus

Julie Chen, a sophomore at Emory College, wanted to help students get access to free tampons on campus, but she didn’t know how. So she started a petition last January to see how many people would use the supplies. In one week, it received more than 900 responses.

“It wasn’t supposed to go viral,” said Chen, now a junior and the college council vice president of finance. “Seeing all of those names made me really motivated and passionate to keep going on with it.”

The petition received so many responses that Emory launched a pilot program during the fall 2016 semester to provide free tampons. The university changed the tampon dispensers in three locations — a dining hall, the library and one of its academic buildings — to make them free. If enough people use the program, it could become a permanent, university-wide initiative.

“Everyone was really excited about it, and we’ve definitely heard positive responses,” Chen said. “One girl left a comment that said, ‘If men had a need for tampons, they’d be falling out of the sky.’”

Emory is not alone: Students at colleges across the country are demanding free menstrual products. The University of Arizona, Columbia University, Reed College and the University of Minnesota, among others, have launched similar programs on campus, according to Inside Higher Ed.


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First, why is Ms. Chen ‘trying to help students get access to free tampons on campus’? It can’t be the $5 cost (at a school with a $70,000 tuition), and it can’t be because tampons are free everywhere else on the planet except Emory.

So call it what it is, a tax on men, imposed by women so that life can be more fair. Ahhh, the beauty of her pure thoughts. Exactly what is a degree from Emory College worth these days, anyway?

The female whine has morphed into a squeal.

My heart bleeds for them.

If men had a need for tampons, they’d be falling out of the sky.

A strange misconception. In Western societies, men are expected to pay for things.

    Walker Evans in reply to tom swift. | January 9, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Men? Why yes, but we’re talking about the special snowflakes that populate our colleges now. Some may have male genitalia but that doesn’t make them men.