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Chicago State Student Mistakenly Declared Dead

Chicago State Student Mistakenly Declared Dead

“where’s my death certificate?”

This unfortunate young woman recently lost her father due to cancer which led to the mix-up.

ABC News Chicago reported:

College Student’s Future in Danger After She’s Mistakenly Declared Dead

A college student’s bright future is in danger over an identity crisis. She’s a year from graduating but may not get financial aid because some people think she is dead.

Ashley Walker hopes to graduate in 2018. She lost her father, Kenneth Lovell, to lung cancer in August. They spent his final months together as a family.

“Me and my mom were both his caretakers, and my aunt she came in, my cousins and my oldest sister,” Walker said.

Then strange things began to happen. Walker, a Chicago State astrochemistry major, was declined for internet service. And then CSU financial aid wanted to see her Social Security card. So she went to the Social Security office, where they told her she died in August.

“I looked at him and said, ‘August 31st?’ And he said, ‘Yeah!’ And I was like, that’s the day my father died,” Walker said.

Walker has his death certificate. Her name is on it as an informant. But she said credit agencies now think she’s dead, too.

“Where’s my death certificate if I’m supposed to be dead, where’s my death certificate? Nobody has one,” she said.

Here’s a video report:

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