It’s amazing when people who carry the title of professor say such ridiculous things.

Campus Reform reported:

Brown prof calls red states ‘laboratories of anti-democracy’

A professor at Brown University recently wrote an op-ed expressing his frustration with America’s federalist system, calling Republican-leaning states “laboratories of anti-democracy.”

Matthew Pratt Guterl, chair of Brown’s American Studies Department and a vigorous defender of campus safe spaces, argues in an op-ed for The New Republic that the federalist conception of the states as “laboratories of democracy” was originally conceived as a way of promoting “liberal and progressive ideas,” but has since been “perversely rewritten” by Republican legislators who use the power of state governments “not merely to slow down liberalism, but to turn it to dust and ash in the broad center of the country.”

“In the so-called red states, liberalism is now often relegated to a kind of folklore-ish local practice in college towns and mid-sized cities, while formal, statewide policy is strictly and stridently conservative,” Guterl laments. “With the election of Donald Trump, it’s safe to say that most people’s lives will get worse in these states, and that the forces of intolerance and bigotry will grow stronger and even less cautious.”

Guterl argues that those who “care about an equitable civil society, who believe in a just world, and who live in a proverbial blue state have an obligation to work locally to turn them into laboratories of something else: that diminished thing called hope.”