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Branco Cartoon – Way Out

Branco Cartoon – Way Out


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Only 28 more hours…

Spot on, as usual, but I think he needs something like a wheelbarrow for all the pardons.

Today is the last day, and I am nervous about what f-up he saved for last.

The only think left is to appoint Mike to be Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Stewed on this for a moment, then thought of a cartoon where all the protesters and dems boycotting the inauguration are together dressed like cry babies in a playpen or kids table or having a timeout like one does for a 3 year old throwing a tantrum. All MSM media is focused on the tantrum, while off in the background the inauguration is going off swimmingly with real Americans.

sadly I can’t draw.

Should have had Chelsea Obama wearing the women’s attire he’s going to be regularly showing up in sometime soon after he’s booted from the White House.

I’m not fully understanding the broken leg–lame duck?