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Branco Cartoon – Sees Only Evil


I thought Trump’s inauguration speech was very bright and hopeful. I wonder why they thought it was dark.

Good one, A.F. !

Trump’s speech brought about the most “hope” I’ve felt since Ronald Reagan. .. Thank you for all the Kind kudos folks

Great cartoon. As long as the media are so obviously biased against Trump, their constant campaigning against him will only increase his popularity.

Antonio — You need to put at least a 10 pixel dark border around your excellent ‘toons. In Facebook news feeds, the ‘toon panel gets truncated, sometimes to the point of cutting off captions, etc. Not until the ‘toon is clicked on to see full size can one see it all, but I’m sure a lot of them get passed over in the news feed and timeline screens because they were butchered and made little sense. With a 10 pixel dark border, the whole ‘toon shows up without being truncated in the news feeds and timelines. I’ve tried sharing your ‘toons that way — it works.

legacyrepublican | January 24, 2017 at 12:38 am

Mr. Branco, I don’t suppose you can design a nice futuristic bumper sticker.

“Barron Trump 2048”

Wouldn’t that hammer the MSM into the ground if we all put it on our cars?