Reports have indicated that the marching band from Talladega College, Alabama’s oldest historically black college, will march at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Of course, people have gone irate over the news, even though the school has not confirmed its participation:

“We were a bit horrified to hear of the invitation,” said Shirley Ferrill of Fairfield, Alabama, a member of Talladega’s Class of 1974.

“I don’t want my alma mater to give the appearance of supporting him,” Ferrill said of Trump on Monday. “Ignore, decline or whatever, but please don’t send our band out in our name to do that.”

The school has not made an announcement, but Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO Sara Armstrong said that Talladega College will add their names to the list of others who will march in the parade.

Yeah….outrage all over social media:

Ron White graduated from Forty Valley State University, another historical black college, and he questioned why Talladega College would accept an invite. However, he has respect for the office of the presidency:

“What they should do in my opinion is play that national anthem the best way they’ve ever played it in their life, because you’re basically saluting the country,” White said in an interview.

Others have also embraced the idea:

Desmund Ross works at a barbershop just minutes from the college, and said this has caused much discussion in the city as to whether or not the Marching Tornadoes should go.

“We have to show our support whether or not they want to support the president, it’s about themselves getting exposure for Talladega College to bring more students in,” said Ross.

Ross’ clientele includes some of the band’s members and he told ABC 33/40 this would be well deserved.

“You have to be proud of that and support that, especially coming from your own community you can’t neglect that,” he said.

As a big supporter of the college and his city , Ross said he’d like everyone to give the idea a chance.

If Talladega College does accept, they will join the University of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland Band, who has marched in every inauguration parade since 1965 except for President Barack Obama’s second term in 2013.

They will also join: Marist College Band from Poughkeepsie, New York; Olivet Nazarene University of Bourbonnais, Illinois; Texas State University Strutters of San Marcos, Texas; The Citadel Regimental Band and Pipes and Summerall Guards of Charleston, South Carolina; and VMI Corps of Cadets of Lexington, Virginia.

I hope Talladega College accepts. You cannot stop division if you keep dividing.

Here is a YouTube video of a performance. I’d love to hear them in a few weeks!