Leftists are already descending on the Washington, DC area in anticipation of Trump’s inauguration on Friday. Some of them decided it would be a good idea to invade classrooms at Georgetown University.

Campus Reform reports:

VIDEO: Anti-Trump protesters disrupt Georgetown classrooms

Anti-Trump protesters disrupted multiple Georgetown classrooms last week in an effort to resist the presidency of Donald Trump.

Members of the RefuseFasicm.org movement infiltrated classrooms across campus including the Reiss and ICC lecture halls, where they distributed flyers and denounced the President-elect. The individuals, who were not affiliated with Georgetown University, continued their protest in Red Square before being removed from campus by GUPD.

Witnesses in Professor Arsenault’s International Relations class reported that two individuals pried open an exterior door and entered the ICC auditorium.

Harrison Nugent (SFS ’20) said that two men ran to the center aisle and passed out flyers, while bragging that they were the men who were arrested during Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing…

In Professor Arsenault’s class, the protesters were forcibly removed by two teaching assistants, both of whom had prior military experience. The TAs grabbed the protesters and pulled them outside of the auditorium.

“This is what fascism will look like if we don’t act now,” the protesters shouted as they were removed from the room.

This video is fun to watch. It shows two protesters being ejected from a class:

The Campus Reform report concludes:

While no injuries resulted from the protests, some students were alarmed by the ease with which the protesters gained access to Georgetown classrooms.

“It is easy to feel like you are living in a secluded bubble on campus, and it is kind of scary that these random people made their way into my class,” one student told The Georgetown Review.

The left keeps claiming this is a special case because of Trump but I’m not buying it. I believe the left would be acting out in this manner no matter which Republican won.

The left thinks all Republicans are fascists. Bush, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, etc.

It’s always the same.

Featured image via YouTube.


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