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“All of the sudden, one day you realize you’ve been shut down”

“All of the sudden, one day you realize you’ve been shut down”

My appearance on The Lars Larson Show re Shutdown of Legal Insurrection’s YouTube Account

I appeared on the Lars Larson Show in the evening on January 16, 2017, to talk about the shutdown of Legal Insurection’s YouTube account, as described in these prior posts:

Hope you enjoy the interview, I should have more posted in the coming days.


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Nicely done!

Now, can I be the first to have your autograph?

After all, I was the first to post…

assemblerhead | January 17, 2017 at 9:32 am

Prof, info for you.

There is no enforceable penalty to false DMCA claims. The courts refuse to take that action. One of the “benefits” of automated DMCA claim generation systems. Those systems generate claims by the thousands every day ( with no targeted accuracy / no human involvement / SPAM! ).

Reference Link :

This is an explanation of YouTube’s copyright system ( a good one ) :

Reference Link :

It also details the problems and abuses.

PS :
Might suggest getting a BD ( Bluray ) burner for file / video backups. False DMCA claims can’t delete / destroy offline storage. It is a pain to restore, but at least is still possible.

This is outrageous, and the Modern Language Association is acting like a bunch of Fascists. This kind of censorship of Conservatives must be stopped, for the good of everyone, no matter what their political beliefs.

Irony: Using a YouTube video to explain how YouTube screwed up your channel.