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Age Reversal Tape: World’s Most Terrifying Invention?

Age Reversal Tape: World’s Most Terrifying Invention?

Gird your loins. You can’t unsee this.

Want to rid your neck of unsightly wrinkles? Look no futher! Nexsey is here to make you look creepy as hell younger and more…attractive?

Just when I thought 2017 would be a great year, I had the misfortunate of stumbling upon this terrifying invention:

Sure, you can have unnaturally taut skin until you’re sitting there, having a nice dinner, the tape pops off and your jowls come flying forward. And nothing says “attractive” like flying jowels.

Nexsey can be yours for a mere $19.99.

And if you’re looking to plump up those lips, the makers of Nexsey offer a whipped cream cap tiny little suction cup guaranteed to sultry up that pucker.

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