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Worst of MSNBC New Year’s Weekend Marathon

Worst of MSNBC New Year’s Weekend Marathon


I have a dirty little secret — I’ve been watching MSNBC since the election.

It’s just so glorious to see them suffer.

Is that bad of me?

The Free Beacon posted the other day a supercut of the Worst of MSNBC 2016.

But wait, there’s more.

Here are the Free Beacon’s Worst of MSNBC supercuts from prior years.

Sit back and enjoy.

I also dug back into our MSNBC archives, and found these gems:

You’re welcome.


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Good thing they brought in Brian Williams for gravitas and journalistic credibility


I thought comedy was dead, but i’s alive and well at MSNBC.
Mucho Serious News By Communists isn’t as good as Richard Pryor or George Carlin, but they keep plugging away.

Gloating is so unbecoming.
That said, I am a conservative senior citizen and my heart is breaking at the thought of the psychopath elect becoming the Commander in Chief of our men and women in the armed forces.

Do good to those who wish you ill, for nothing else pisses them off more. (paraphrased)

ugottabekiddinme | December 31, 2016 at 12:27 pm

These people are so delusional, it pains me. When I read the recent report that Greta Van Susteren might join MSNBC, I was incredulous. I mean, I know she’s a liberal and all, but she’s no dummy and as a TV interviewer and reporter is a huge cut above any of these idiots. Hope she lands somewhere better than that.

Don’t be ashamed. I do it too. MSDNC, DU, Olbermann’s GQ rants. The schadenfreude is absolutely delicious.

We need to send in an LI security team to get the Prof away from the cable screen. He needs treatment for schadenfreude overdose.

Professor, you have a got of guts to run this blog from the belly of the beast. Having lived in Ithaca and attended Cornell, I know it’s difficult be a conservative there. I applaud your efforts and enjoy watching them from the safety and comfort of flyover country.