There doesn’t appear to be any real meaning behind this incident other than the fact that she wouldn’t comply with procedure. How strange.

The College Fix reported:

UMich professor dragged off plane by officers (VIDEO)

A woman recently dragged off a plane by airport authorities is University of Michigan assistant professor Rhima Coleman.

According to her faculty profile, Dr. Coleman specializes in biomedical engineering.

Earlier this month, she allegedly would not comply with boarding gate procedures and refused to walk off the plane when asked by officers, so she was dragged off by her wrists and ankles as passengers filmed the incident, several Michigan-based news outlets report.

“We’ve learned she had blown past the gate agent, boarding unlawfully, refusing to properly check her bags and then refused to get up and leave the aircraft. All the while she was cursing at responding officers who begged her to walk out on her own,” reports ABC Detroit (WXYZ).

Here’s the video:

Featured image via YouTube.