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University Donor Outrages Students By Saying They Should Repay Loans

University Donor Outrages Students By Saying They Should Repay Loans

“he made me feel that way. He made me feel angry”

A major donor to California State Fullerton sparked an outrage among students by suggesting they get jobs to pay back their student loans.

Campus Reform reported:

CSUF donor enrages students by suggesting they get jobs

California State University, Fullerton students took to Twitter this past week to attack one of the school’s alumni donors for his conservative views.

Steve Mihaylo, one of CSUF’s top financial contributors and the CEO of cloud service provider Crexendo, was blasted by university students on Twitter after he posted his thoughts on student debt and personal responsibility, The Daily Titan reports.

The correspondence began when a student posted a tweet estimating that his student loan debt would not be paid off until 2057, to which Mihaylo responded, “Have you ever considered getting a job? That’s what I did! It worked.”

The student, Luke Higgott, countered, with apparent uncertainty, that “I work two jobs at the institution that you paid millions of dollars to slap your name onto to satisfy your tiny ego????”

The situation quickly escalated as other students joined the rhetorical fray, including Marie Watschke, who tweeted a picture of herself giving the middle finger to the Mihaylo statue outside of Mihaylo Hall with the caption, “lol F*** this guy,” following up shortly thereafter by declaring, “welp, guess it’s time to go S*** on a statue.”

“And this is what the university I’ve given millions of my hard earned money to teaches?” Mihaylo responded incredulously. “Disgusting!”

The students told The Daily Titan that they feel Mihaylo is simply out of touch with today’s college students, asserting that the world has changed drastically since he graduated from CSUF in 1969.

“He thinks that we’re entitled and that we don’t work hard enough, and that’s just totally not true,” Watschke said. “I don’t feel bad for flipping off his statue, and I don’t feel bad for that vulgar display against him, because he made me feel that way. He made me feel angry,” Watschke said.


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Different generation, I guess. Mine thought there was a moral obligation to pay our bills, whether tuition or credit card. I gently mentioned that to someone who was chortling at how little they had to actually pay, and the look I got was complete incomprehension.

To be honest, I think the whole university system has morphed in the last twenty years. It has gone from a place to get an education, to a place where you pay exorbitant fees for subpar education and extreme indoctrination. They go to get a piece of paper which increases your chance of getting a job in the present environment from “almost impossible” to “very unlikely”.

For this minimal improvement, they go into debt for the next two decades e4ssentially turning themselves into an indentured servant.

Mihaylo could have been more sympathetic to these students plights.They can’t help it that they are turned into useful idiots by society and then made into slaves.

But given who Mr. Mihaylo is, and what a benefactor he is to the students, who would otherwise have to go into debt for another decade, I find the students treatment of him disgraceful.

    tom swift in reply to RodFC. | December 12, 2016 at 4:46 am

    Well, there is a theory—and not a bad one—that the big change was a reaction to another government policy.

    For a while, college was the most straightforward way to avoid having the government grab you, stick you in a uniform, teach you how to salute and fold towels, and send you off to the ass end of nowhere for a couple of years, right when you were supposed to be starting your life as an adult by getting a real job (not your old high-school part-timer), renting an apartment, buying a used car, marrying that girl who’d been chasing you around since junior high, etc. The standard American middle-class life cycle.

    This was all disrupted by The Draft—a two-year hiatus right when it would do the most damage. Crash-and-burn on takeoff is not a good time to be burdening the nascent citizen with geopolitical woes.

    As a direct and bloody obvious result, colleges were filled with huge numbers of students who really had no business being there. But that became the new normal … and they still have no business being there.

The outrage!! The injustice!! Who is forcing these babies to go to college and rack up tons of debt?

I realize college costs have spiraled out of control over the past few decades – amazing how government interference in the market will have that effect. But these babies need to realize they can’t have champagne tastes on a beer budget, and if they don’t want to pay their tab, then they shouldn’t run one up in the first place.

“because he made me feel that way. He made me feel angry,”

No actually he did not, you chose to feel angry because someone challenged your entitled spoiled view of the world. If you are in college now and don’t think you should have to pay back loans then drop out now. I paid mine back, so can you.

“I work two jobs at the institution that you paid millions of dollars to slap your name onto to satisfy your tiny ego????”

Got a better reason why I should give my hard-earned money, that rightfully belongs to me, to subsidise your education? Because if that’s what you’re being taught then I want my money back.

Going to college to avoid the draft, coupled with the far left’s complete control of the educational system has given us this example of what has been done to our children’s school systems.

When I went to college it was to be educated by professors, not grad students and teaching assistants. My tuition paid for a 2:1 administrator to professor ratio, not the 18:1 ratio we see today.

These schools have multi-billion dollar, brand new physical plants, and coddle the kids for 4 years after which time most of them don’t have the tools to get a job that’ll pay back the loan. They’re borrowing like crazy to fund a massive leftist job creation program, no wonder they’ve got attitude problems!

This is why these kids will never be in a position to donate enough to have a statue build of them!

Awww…did the mean man make widdle snukkums sad by saying that the widdle boo-boos should pay their debts?

It’s too bad we no longer have debtor’s prisons.

PS: yet one more example of why we need to reinstitute the draft.