A major donor to California State Fullerton sparked an outrage among students by suggesting they get jobs to pay back their student loans.

Campus Reform reported:

CSUF donor enrages students by suggesting they get jobs

California State University, Fullerton students took to Twitter this past week to attack one of the school’s alumni donors for his conservative views.

Steve Mihaylo, one of CSUF’s top financial contributors and the CEO of cloud service provider Crexendo, was blasted by university students on Twitter after he posted his thoughts on student debt and personal responsibility, The Daily Titan reports.

The correspondence began when a student posted a tweet estimating that his student loan debt would not be paid off until 2057, to which Mihaylo responded, “Have you ever considered getting a job? That’s what I did! It worked.”

The student, Luke Higgott, countered, with apparent uncertainty, that “I work two jobs at the institution that you paid millions of dollars to slap your name onto to satisfy your tiny ego????”

The situation quickly escalated as other students joined the rhetorical fray, including Marie Watschke, who tweeted a picture of herself giving the middle finger to the Mihaylo statue outside of Mihaylo Hall with the caption, “lol F*** this guy,” following up shortly thereafter by declaring, “welp, guess it’s time to go S*** on a statue.”

“And this is what the university I’ve given millions of my hard earned money to teaches?” Mihaylo responded incredulously. “Disgusting!”

The students told The Daily Titan that they feel Mihaylo is simply out of touch with today’s college students, asserting that the world has changed drastically since he graduated from CSUF in 1969.

“He thinks that we’re entitled and that we don’t work hard enough, and that’s just totally not true,” Watschke said. “I don’t feel bad for flipping off his statue, and I don’t feel bad for that vulgar display against him, because he made me feel that way. He made me feel angry,” Watschke said.


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