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Texas Woman’s University Decides ‘Holiday’ and ‘Evergreen’ Are Too Religious

Texas Woman’s University Decides ‘Holiday’ and ‘Evergreen’ Are Too Religious

“The Festivus for the Rest of Us”

What about all the people who don’t celebrate ‘holidays’ with ‘evergreen’ trees? Did you ever think about their feelings?

Campus Reform reports:

‘Holiday,’ ‘evergreen trees’ too religious for TWU

Texas Woman’s University is offering tips for an “all-inclusive, multicultural” Christmas season, warning that the word “holiday” is no longer inclusive enough and advising that office parties should instead be called “end of semester parties.”

“When planning December office parties that coincide with the Christmas season, it is a challenge for event organizers to make celebrations ‘all-inclusive,’” TWU explains in a news release. “Not all faith traditions have holidays in December, and not everyone identifies with a particular faith tradition.”

Hence, in “The Festivus for the Rest of Us” TWU releaes, Mark Kessler, professor of multicultural women’s and gender studies, provides tips to avoid “missteps” when planning a “secular celebration.”

First, he says, party planners should avoid using the word “holiday,” even though it’s often been touted as a safe alternative to “Christmas,” because it “connotes religious tradition and may not apply to all employees.”

Instead, parties scheduled for December should be called “end of semester” parties, or for business-oriented offices, “end of fiscal year” parties.

In addition to inclusive nomenclature, Kessler suggests avoiding any “religious symbolism, such as images of Santa Claus, evergreen trees, or red-nosed reindeer.” Snowflakes and snowmen, however, are good alternatives for party decorations or invitations.

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Here’s what to do about all those people who don’t celebrate ‘holidays’ with ‘evergreen’ trees: Invite a few of them to dinner. Maybe even Mark Kessler, Professor of Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies. Treat them like welcome guests. Give them each a little present. Try to have a nice time.

Did you ever think about their feelings?

Do they ever think about my feelings? I feel triggered that they don’t like my holiday.

I need a safe space!

but they can only be special snowflakes…


Has anyone noticed how mush of this nonsense comes from “professors” who teach women’s studies, human sexuality, and so forth? Why is there no movement to change the name of Ramadan or any other Muslim holiday that these snowflakes are now demanding that the universities honor.
Personally, I would like to see them change the celebration from the “holiday” and “end of semester celebration” to “It’s CHristmas, deal with it”.

2nd Ammendment Mother | December 16, 2016 at 4:53 pm

And now I’m a little embarrassed one of the kids has a degree from there….. She thought they were heading into fruity tutti ville while she was there, probably glad she’s long gone.

I Texas no less…lots of Muslims in the area of that University.
And this is how it begins