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Student Activist Group at Ohio State Says Attacker Was Wrongly Shot by Police

Student Activist Group at Ohio State Says Attacker Was Wrongly Shot by Police

“Artan’s particular actions were irrelevant.”

Admit it, you knew it was just a matter of time before someone said this. Didn’t you?

The Daily Caller reports:

OSU Activists Complain Terrorist Was Wrongly Shot By Police

An Ohio State University (OSU) student who attempted to go on a stabbing spree last month before being gunned down by a nearby officer has been added to a protest list of non-whites “wrongly” shot and killed by a police.

The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation is a campus protest group on OSU’s main campus in Columbus. The group held a rally Wednesday to protest the death of young black men at the hands of police, and read off a list of non-white men who had been killed by police in the last two months. Among the names read off was that of Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

Artan, of course, is the man who attempted to kill his classmates last week by attacking them with his car and then going on a stabbing spree. He was gunned down by OSU policeman Alan Horujko, who arrived on the scene just minutes after the rampage began and swiftly neutralized Artan.

Organizers of the protest said that Artan’s particular actions were irrelevant.


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Evidently there is something other than football that damages brains.

I wonder what this dope would be saying
if the officer had just kept driving. I guess
they think we should just leave the
terrorists “room to destroy” — themselves included.
Cops can’t win either way with these pathetic idiots.

Activists seem to have no empathy for the 13 people hospitalised after the attack, nor any care that their remaining alive might have been due to the policeman ending the attack using lethal force.

Of course we have seen this type of activism before, where the circumstances of a police shooting are discounted by the BLM-aligned people, as well as them propagating provable lies about the shooting incident itself. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” anyone?

The outcome would have been better if one of the first people injured or killed was legally armed and lethally shot Artan before he could harm others.