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Republican Harvard Student Describes Political Double Standard on Campus

Republican Harvard Student Describes Political Double Standard on Campus

“I think that intensified with Trump,”

If liberal college students think they have it tough on campus, they should try being Republicans for a day.

The Boston Herald reports:

Republican student gets a liberal dose at Harvard

It ain’t easy being a Republican at Harvard, and certainly not in the era of Donald Trump, according to Emily Hall, an unabashed conservative at the world’s most famous university.

Hall, a junior who’s majoring in government, watched the presidential election results come in at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, once again finding herself in the minority while stunned Hillary Clinton supporters openly sobbed with each victory racked up by Trump.

“I felt bad for them,” Hall said of her liberal schoolmates. “But I also recognize that people would not have felt bad for me if I had been the one crying.”

“I’ve experienced both tolerance and intolerance, depending on who I’m talking to,” Hall said during interviews with both the Herald and Boston Herald Radio yesterday.

“There are some places where discourse is welcome. There are other circles and other individuals I’ve interacted with who have not been so tolerant, who have been open and willing to call Republicans racist or sexist or xenophobic.

“I think that intensified with Trump,” she said.


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