We reported yesterday how Egypt decided to pull an anti-Israel resolution, after intervention of Donald Trump. The Obama administration reportedly was ready to abstain and not veto the resolution.

We also noted that other countries had threatened to bring the Resolution to a vote if Egypt didn’t.

Haaretz reports that the vote is back on and will take place at 3 p.m. today:

The UN Security Council is expected to vote on Friday on a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements.

The vote is to take place at 3 P.M. EST (10 P.M. Israel time). 

The decision was made following a meeting at the UN headquarters in New York between the envoys of New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal. The four states were signed on the resolution that Egypt had submitted before ultimately asking to postpone the vote on Thursday due to Israeli pressure.

The four states told Egypt on Thursday that if it did not clarify whether it planned to call a vote on the draft  resolution, then they reserved the right to move ahead with the vote. 

Reuters also reports the vote will take place today.

The Resolution in question is pernicious. It declares any Israeli presence beyond the 1949 armistice line (the so-called pre-1967 line) illegal. That means Israeli control of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City would be illegal, as would the presence of Jews in the Jewish Quarter, which Jordan had ethnically cleansed of Jews and ransacked. It also would mean Israeli control of the Western Wall would be illegal.

If Obama abstains, he will have allowed the UN to strip Jews of their history.

If this happens, we’ll know for sure whether the legacy of the Obama administration will be the abandonment of Israel.

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