The President of Princeton University may find himself in hot water with the left very soon. He dared to question the validity of sanctuary campuses.

The Daily Caller reports:

Fancypants College President: The Term ‘Sanctuary Campus’ ‘Has No Basis In Law’

n the wake of last month’s presidential election, petitions have cropped up at countless U.S. colleges and universities demanding that the campuses flout federal law and become ill-defined sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

The presidents of at least three schools — Wesleyan University, Reed College and Portland State University — have announced that they will do all they can to defy U.S. government efforts to enforce immigration law, and will forthwith do all they can to become “sanctuary campuses” for students who are illegal immigrants, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The president of Princeton University, Christopher L. Eisgruber, has taken a different tack, observing in a campus-wide letter in recent days that the concept of the “sanctuary campus” “has no basis in law, and that colleges and universities have no authority to exempt any part of their campuses from the nation’s immigration laws.”