Friday, President Obama stood behind the podium for his last scheduled press conference of 2016.

Obama discussed Trump, Russia, and media treatment of Hillary in the most recent election.

We’ve compiled a few highlights:

Be deliberate! Says the man who refuses to call “terrorism” terrorism…

He’s not wrong, but why, I wonder, are we a nation so divided?

Who are these people and what’s wrong with them? I’ve never met a Putin-loving Republican in all my political work.

Was this before or after he counted to 3?

Because it’s Christmas, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that when he described Russia as “smaller” he wasn’t actually talking about comparative size:

If by not being treated fairly he means “was given a pass for criminal activity and strong-arming a party primary,” then ok. This would be an interesting discussion if it weren’t coming from the man who told Republicans to get to the back of the bus.

“Is the thing to say on this bright, Hawaiian Christmas Day”

Full press conference here:

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