Tis indeed the season to be jolly . . . the Obamas last Christmas in the White House is a marvelous gift.

For the eighth—and blessedly last—straight year, the Obamas have sent out “holiday” cards.”

The New York Post reports:

For the eighth straight year, President Obama has refused to mention the word “Christmas” on his annual Christmas card.

“Happy holidays,” his new and final card reads. “As our family reflects on our many happy years spent in the White House, we are grateful for the friends we’ve made, the joy we’ve shared, and the gifts of kindness we’ve received. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a wonderful new year.”

On the front of the 2016 card, a photo — taken at a state dinner in March honoring Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — shows Obama and his family sporting formalwear and wide smiles.

As tin-eared and out-of-touch as ever.