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Notre Dame May Break Tradition by Not Inviting Trump to Speak

Notre Dame May Break Tradition by Not Inviting Trump to Speak

“the President-elect represents a unique and immediate danger to many students, faculty, staff”

Students feel he doesn’t respect the viewpoints of others, so he shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Can you follow that logic?

Campus Reform reports:

Notre shame: school may break tradition by not inviting Trump

“Notre Dame always invites the new president to speak at commencement during his first year in office…”

…is what people used to say, but no longer—and not just because the gender-specific pronoun is now verboten in polite company.

Rather, it is because ND is seriously considering withholding the once-automatic invitation from President-elect Donald Trump, and that equivocation alone represents a notable departure from the long-standing tradition dating back to Dwight Eisenhower.

Fr. John Jenkins, ND’s president, told The Observer earlier this month that he is still contemplating whether to invite Trump, noting that President Obama’s 2009 commencement address “was a bit of a political circus,” and that he is concerned that a Trump commencement “may be even more of a circus.”

A more likely explanation, and one to which Jenkins alluded elsewhere in his remarks, is the sense that “the election reveals deep divides in this nation,” which apparently has not been the case with any of the preceding 11 presidents.

Jenkins’ uncertainty is not sitting well with a large number of students, more than 2,700 of whom have signed a petition demanding that he make up his mind.

The students are not upset over the possibility of being denied the chance to hear the President of the United States speak, however. They are appalled that their president is even considering extending Trump an invitation, shrieking that “the President-elect represents a unique and immediate danger to many students, faculty, staff, and community members here at Notre Dame.”


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legalizehazing | December 18, 2016 at 1:12 pm

This is getting so old. He’s the president now. They’re just dolt assholes. So disengenious. So pathetic.

Obama directly and squarely assault Catholicism in this country. Trump said he will protect religious freedom. And Trump is the dangerous one.

Somebody’s barking up the wrong tree. If I’m not mistaken, it’s American law—which might finally be enforced—which presents the unique and immediate danger.

These are the types of articles that, to me, basically prove that America currently isn’t great.

It would seem to me that Notre Dame lost all chance at the honor of having the next President of the United States of America speak at their commencement come May the very second they put out there that they were equivocating about the invitation. Or any other commencement or event they hold any time in the next 8 years.

It’s not Trump who is the danger, but the leftist agitators attacking him.

These students are so dumb and arrogant that they think their dinky graduation is more important than the President of the United States. If he doesn’t speak there, it’s the students’ loss, not his.

It is a shame. Notre Dame used to be a good Catholic college. It has lost Catholic, and now it’s lost Good.

I am beginning to hope that Trump treats these snowflakes with the same disdain they seem inclined to treat him & the office the nation elected him to. When the cries about how he must be bi-partisan and reach out to these idiots I hope he responds with “elections have consequences”. Why should he extend the hand of unity to people who won’t even let him get inaugurated before they attack. If the liberals want to believe “he’s not my President” – fine – he can pay attention to the concerns of those who do support him and the rest can go pound sand for 4 years.