Can you imagine the time and effort that went into developing this ridiculous application?

The College Fix reports:

‘Virtual safe space’: Smartphone app records campus microaggressions

In the quest to study microaggressions, one scholar has harnessed technology to chronicle such verbal insults and unintentional slights, creating an app that allows students to not only detail the exact nature of the utterance, but its location on campus and what part of their identity was disparaged, too.

Enter MicroReport, which documented students’ claims of perceived microaggressions at UC Santa Cruz during the 2015-16 school year as part of a lengthy study into the effects of experiencing microaggressions.

Last month, assistant professor of psychology Christy Byrd released the effort’s initial findings and pledged more research into the phenomenon as she prepares to release the full and final results of her study sometime next year.

“I think a benefit of the app is that it provides a virtual safe space,” Byrd told The College Fix via email. “Students can report and know that someone out there is aware of what happened. This was helpful for many participants, but of course others would like to see more support and direct action from the university.”