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MRCTV Launches “Save the Snowflakes” Campaign

MRCTV Launches “Save the Snowflakes” Campaign

“We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence”

The folks at MRCTV have created a splendid piece of satire aimed squarely at the “safe space” crowd currently occupying American college campuses.

From their website:

MRC Launches ‘Save the Snowflakes’ Campaign

Given the devastating emotional and psychological consequences of Donald Trump’s election victory on sensitive, liberal college students – a.k.a., snowflakes – the Media Research Center has launched a special project, “Save The Snowflakes.”

In a Dec. 14 statement about the project, MRC President Brent Bozell said, “I cannot think of a more important time in our nation’s history to launch Save the Snowflakes. With inconsolable college students around the country coming to grips with the election results, the MRC hears their cries loud and clear.”

“Last month it was Trump,” said Bozell. “This month it’s Christmas. Then Easter, Halloween, the Emmys — the list is endless.”

“We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence,” he said. “We stand in solidarity with their tortured souls because no one deserves to suffer through unspeakable tragedy without pony rides and bubbles.”

The video is priceless:

Here’s an excerpt from the official “Save the Snowflakes” website:

What happens when America’s political system shifts to the Right? America’s precious young snowflakes lose their minds, and folks, this is no laughing matter!

Our nation’s snowflakes are being cared for by colleges and universities across the country. These schools – no, HEROES – are financially supporting cry-ins, hot chocolate, bubbles, kittens, puppies and ponies, crayons, and Play-Doh to comfort these wounded snowflakes. Some schools even canceled exams and classes to ensure that America’s youth are treated with extra care and understanding during these difficult times.

But clearly, it’s not enough. State budgets cannot be expected to bear this burden alone. It’s going to take a far more sustainable funding source to ensure special snowflakes have the emotional support they need. In response, we here at the Media Research Center have launched the Save the Snowflakes project to respond to this emergency and bring crucial attention to this devastating human crisis.


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Snowflakes have no sense of humor. They take themselves very seriously. Mocking them is the perfect response.

Sorry….. there are enough freeloaders so the snowflakes are on their own. It’s survival of the fittest and they are an epic fail.

There should be a celebrity “gofundflakes” site, for all the rich to save a snowflake.

It’s only right… Er…Left…

casualobserver | December 18, 2016 at 1:09 pm

How long before the social media police start to label and filter this effort? I wonder what happens if you post this vid or any other written piece/post from the website on Facebook, for example.

You’re hurting the snowflakes with your parody!

    TX-rifraph in reply to casualobserver. | December 24, 2016 at 9:24 am

    “You’re hurting the snowflakes with your parody!”

    I was just thinking that. This is so cruel, racist, hateful, white privilege, etc., etc. They will not think this is funny.

    But, I think it is great! Thank you MRC.

…because no one deserves to suffer through unspeakable tragedy without pony rides and bubbles.

Hey, no fair! I thought there was going to be Play-Doh!

Coloring book: $7

Starbuck’s Latte: $10

Parodying snowflakes who simply cannot deal with reality: Priceless

Poor babies

LibraryGryffon | December 18, 2016 at 3:37 pm

I wonder how many of these kids would see that url and think it was for an anti-global-warming site?

Even Frito-Lay is getting in on the snowflake meme (and showing their concern) — they have introduced a new product: Cheetos Snowflakes.

(No, this is not the Onion and I’m not kidding you.)

My grandson just received a copy of “Broken” by Laura Hillenbrand ( from a fellow student as part of a book exchanged at his private Christian school.

Perhaps schools like Cornell might consider this book for their incoming freshman reading selection.

Heck, it’s not just students, it’s old hippies and veteran middle-class libs as well. People who have said that they only way they can “heal” is to call everyone who doesn’t believe as they do: racist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigots. You know, the usual.

How black is your soul you have to denigrate and insult people who don’t tote your line to make yourself “feel better”?