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Movie About Political Correctness on Campus Accused of Not Being PC

Movie About Political Correctness on Campus Accused of Not Being PC


Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are making a documentary about political correctness on college campuses but they’re running into problems because they’re not politically correct.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Adam Carolla Off to a Rocky Start Filming Movie About Political Correctness at Universities

A funny thing happened to some right-leaning filmmakers trying to make their case that conservatives aren’t welcome on college campuses: They weren’t allowed on a college campus.

At least that’s according to a letter that their lawyers fired off to California State University, Northridge in southern California.

Comedian Adam Carolla and radio host Dennis Prager are touring the nation’s universities while making their documentary film, No Safe Spaces, and their first stop, scheduled at CSUN, was canceled, according to lawyers, because the content of a talk they were to give was deemed politically incorrect.

The presentation was supposed to consist of Carolla interviewing Prager at the Campus Theater on Dec. 1. The topic was rather vague, but it invariably was to focus on the duo’s assertion that the political left has a stranglehold on most colleges, and it was to be filmed so that some portions would have presumably ended up in No Safe Spaces.

But while negotiating for the use of the venue, the filmmakers, Justin Folk and R.J. Moeller, say they were informed that “people higher up the food chain” at CSUN weren’t happy about the “content” of the planned presentation, and their lawyers say laws may have been broken.


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This will only stop when people are fired over this. Right now, they know that the Left will get them fired but the right won’t. It’s rather like Abdullah of Jordan knowing that it’s more dangerous to cross Assad than Netanyahu. When people are fired, when budget are slashed or zeroed-out, then things will change. Sabre-rattling won’t do it. (Give New York State Kudos for doing this, BTW.)