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Merkel Admits Islamist Terrorism is Germany’s Biggest Threat for 2017

Merkel Admits Islamist Terrorism is Germany’s Biggest Threat for 2017

. . . forgets she’s the one who laid out the welcome mat

Germany’s Angela Merkel announced in her New Year’s address that Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat facing Germany. Considering that this would likely not be the case if it weren’t for her own open door policy, this is a startling admission. 

Merkel went on to berate anyone and everyone who does not share her worldview, and insisted that all Germany needs is more laws and improved security to protect her people from the terrorist element she has welcomed with open arms.

Reuters reports:

Islamist terrorism is the biggest test facing Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday in a New Year’s address to the nation, and vowed to introduce laws that improve security after a deadly attack before Christmas in Berlin.

Merkel, seeking a fourth term as chancellor in 2017, described 2016 as a year that gave many the impression that the world had “turned upside down”. She urged Germans to shun populism and said Germany should take a leading role in addressing the many challenges facing the European Union.

“Many attach to 2016 the feeling that the world had turned upside down or that what for long had been held as an achievement is now being questioned. The European Union for example,” Merkel said.

Merkel is, according to the New York Times, the liberal west’s last defender.  Her “defense” appears to be the old “who are you going to believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?” refrain.  The world isn’t upside down and more dangerous than it was before she (and Obama) took power.  Nope, that’s just how it seems, not how it is.  Or something.

Indeed, in her speech, she doubles down on the open borders, one world ideology that has been resoundingly rejected not just here in America but across the western world.

Reuters continues:

Liberals across the Atlantic have hailed Merkel as an anchor of stability and reason in a year that saw Donald Trump elected as U.S. president, Britain vote to leave the EU and U.S-Russia relations deteriorate to Cold War levels.

In her address, Merkel compared Brexit to a “deep incision” and said that even though the EU was “slow and arduous”, its member states should focus on common interests that transcend national benefits.

“And, yes, Europe should focus on what can really be better than the national state,” Merkel said. “But we Germans should never be led to believe that each could have a better future by going it alone.”

. . . . In her speech, she said the government would introduce measures to improve security after a failed Tunisian asylum seeker drove a truck into a Christmas market in the capital on Dec. 19, killing 12 people in the name of Islamic State.

He was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on Dec. 23 and investigators are trying to determine whether he had accomplices.

“Improving security” is so much easier than admitting that she was wrong and taking steps to address the real problems she has created.

In fact, she seems to be channeling failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as she wafts on about how the German people are “stronger together.”

Bloomberg reports:

“As we pursue our lives and our work, we tell the terrorists: They are murderers full of hatred, but it’s not they who determine how we live and want to live,” Merkel said, according to an advance copy of the nationally televised speech on Saturday. “We are free, humane, open. Together, we are stronger. Our state is stronger.”

. . . .  Merkel gave no ground on her open-border refugee policy and took aim at populists who question the value of the European Union “or even of parliamentary democracy itself.”

“What a distorted picture,” she said. While the EU should focus on tasks it can truly do better than national governments, “we Germans should never let ourselves be tricked into believing that going it alone as a nation could lead to a happy future,” Merkel said.

The false choice presented here is typical of progressive thought: it’s either one Europe, one world . . . or Germany, all alone, isolated and without allies, trade, or communication with the outside world.


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More laws? How about mass deportations back to the places the muslims came from

Wrong again, Ms. Merkel. YOU let in killers. YOU are the biggest threat Germany faces.

DieJustAsHappy | December 31, 2016 at 9:03 pm

Evidently, she’s another out of the mode of Hillary whereby “intent” gives them absolution.

As usual, Merkel is dead wrong.

She’s pretending that the problem isn’t Islam, it’s just a few “bad apples”—something law enforcement can address.

But terrorism is just noise. Terrorists will kill a few hundred Europeans a year; a drop in the bucket. The EU population is nearly a quarter of a billion; nobody will even notice that anyone’s missing. There will be other effects, certainly. Tourism revenues will take a hit, as they have in Egypt. But the actual effects of terrorism are negligible, particularly if Merkel et al can continue to suppress police reports, maintain the myth that Muslims have little to do with these atrocities, and get the cooperation of the press in playing down inconvenient truths (as the Dems do in the US).

No, the existential threat is Islam, even the non-terrorist sort. The obvious plan is conquest, just as it has been since the eighth century. When it succeeds, the lessons of history give us no reason to believe that Europe—and its beloved, and stultifying, European liberalism—will ever recover.

If the Germans elect her again, well, it won’t be the first time they’ve used an election to chose … poorly.

    moonmoth in reply to tom swift. | January 1, 2017 at 8:33 am

    I’m going to go off on just a bit of a tangent from your insightful — and disturbing — post. The points that you raise are also relevant to Mexico, which has been infiltrated by members of various Islamic terrorist groups. Until now, they’ve committed no acts of terrorism in Mexico, because the Southern Sieve (er, “border”) has been a convenient route for terrorists to continue on into the US. But what will happen if Trump succeeds in sealing off that border effectively? If I were the Mexican gov’t, I wouldn’t count on those terrorists just meekly going home. I’d expect, instead, that they’d seek “targets of opportunity” to do whatever damage they can do to the people of a lewd, idolatrous culture that’s inimical to just about every fact of Islam.

I’m not a big fan of the word “Duh” but this kinda makes sense after what Merkel just said. How do elite liberals get so far from any common sense that they allow such terrible things to happen to their own people? obama was on the same path and it it wasn’t for our form of government we could be staring at the same horror. He tried but in 20 days DJT will put a stop to it.

You mean the biggest threat ISN’T global warming/climate change?!

It is difficult for me to believe this situation is not intentional. How can someone not see problems arising?

Blaming Islam is racist that’s how.