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Harvard President Rejects ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Policy

Harvard President Rejects ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Policy


Harvard President Drew Faust has some news which might trigger certain members of the student body. The Ivy League school will not be adopting a ‘Sanctuary Campus’ policy.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Faust Says Harvard Will Not Be a ‘Sanctuary Campus’

University President Drew G. Faust said Harvard will not be designated as a “sanctuary campus” at a Faculty of Arts and Sciences meeting held Tuesday afternoon in the Science Center.

Faust spoke on the subject in response to questions history professor Walter Johnson raised during the meeting. He asked what steps the University will take to protect its undocumented students and other minority groups he said are threatened by President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed policies.

Johnson urged Faust to support labeling Harvard a sanctuary campus, citing the University’s global prominence and insisting the decision presented an opportunity for Harvard to demonstrate moral leadership.

In response, Faust noted initiatives the University has undertaken to support undocumented students in recent weeks, including hosting immigration experts and appointing Lars Madsen, Faust’s chief of staff, as a coordinator for advising efforts for undocumented students. Last month, Faust, in an email to Harvard affiliates, reiterated a message from Harvard University Police Department Chief Francis D. Riley indicating that the department will not ask about the immigration status of Harvard affiliates or enforce federal immigration laws.


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It will take quite awhile to reorient our society, but now is the time to start, and what better target than Harvard with its huge endowment.

Sounds like he is indeed adopting a “Sanctuary Campus” policy, but he doesn’t want to call it that.