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Germany’s Leading Islamic Group Wants More Muslims on Exec Boards of Broadcasting Agencies

Germany’s Leading Islamic Group Wants More Muslims on Exec Boards of Broadcasting Agencies

With Germany in grip of another migrant crime wave, Muslim group objects to “negative narrative” in media

If Germany’s largest Muslim group gets its way, the country’s media would be getting a makeover soon.

To fight “anti-Muslim media bias”, Germany’s Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) is calling for the government to appoint more Muslims to the top governing bodies of broadcasting corporations in the country. Media coverage of Islam and Muslims is “inadequate and biased”, complained Aiman Mazyek, Chairman of Central Council of Muslims. “To show Muslims from their negative sides, say ISIS, al-Qaida, serves as ‘projection’ and ‘eye catcher’ for many talk shows and headlines. This establishes a negative narrative.”

With Germany again in the grip of a fresh migrant crime wave, public relations woes and media narrative are all this Muslim group cares about. Earlier this month, an Afghan “refugee” was arrested in connection with the rape and murder of a 19 year-old medical student in the city of Freiburg. In a separate incident, an Iraqi “refugee” was detained on suspicion of raping two Chinese students in university district of Bochum. Such crimes are becoming a daily occurrence in Merkel’s Germany. Today, a 14 year-old girl in State of Thuringia was raped. The suspect was identified as a 22 year-old Afghan “refugee.”

Germany’s most-watched news show refused to cover the arrest of the Afghan migrant over the murder of a German teenage girl. So much for the “media bias.”

German newspaper DIE WELT reports the demands made by the Muslim organisation:

Aiman Mazyek, chairman of Central Council of Muslims calls for more Muslims in the governing councils of broadcasting corporations. Especially in the light of news reports on Islam and Muslims, the positions in the broadcasting councils plays an “important role, as the council can take corrective measures,” Mazyek said (…).

The broadcasting council monitors if the transmission complies with the legal mendate, and if the programming objectives are fulfilled, and elects and advises the directors. [Author’s translation]

Considering German media coverage, Mazyek shouldn’t have much to complain about. Media has been the strongest ally of Chancellor Merkel’s “Refugee Welcome” policy that opened the floodgates of Europe to millions of migrants, mainly from Arab and Muslim countries.

recent study carried out by Hamburg Media School has finally put the German media’s pro-Mass-Migration campaign in hard numbers.

A team of Hamburg-based researchers analysed more than 34,000 news items related to Germany’s refugee policy — published between 2009-2015. They found 82 percent of all the news reports supportive of a generous refugee policy, 12 percent of the items were plain news reporting, and only 6 percent could be labelled as negative. Any East German dictator would have ‘killed’ to get such favourable coverage for their Stalinist policies.

Only sane voice to call out Muslims group’s chairman Mazyek on his hypocrisy was the prominent Islam critic Hamed Abdel-Samad. Abdel-Samad attacked Mazyek’s false sense of “victimhood and entitlement.” “He whines and demands all the time, but he himself has nothing to offer.”

With the German government already mulling laws to limit free speech in the name of combatting “fake news” — ahead of Merkel’s re-election bid in 2017, Islamic groups would love to have country’s media Sharia-compliant on top of it.

VIDEO: German pick-up artist teaches migrants how to approach women:

[Cover image courtesy Phoenix, Youtube]


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Germany will, in less than 5 years, be declared an Islamic state. Now we wait as the Left continues to eat its children.

If a novelist wrote a story that said that Germany had let in over a million muslims into their country and that the Germans were actually changing their nation’s laws to suit this group of new arrivals, no one would believe such a story. Germany is in the process of a metamorphosis of changing from the most advanced nation in Europe to the most uncivilized nation there. The best analogy is the old turd in the punch bowl. No matter how good the punch, after the floater is discovered no one will touch it. Germany was a beautiful punch bowl for a long time.

    Germany decided to swap its Jewish population for a much larger Muslim population. Good job Germany, you have sown the seeds of your inevitable demise as a productive, rational, secular, independent nation. Bringing in an unbounded number of ‘Syrian refugees’ is just watering and fertilising the sprouts of those seeds.

Complete and utter dhimmitude.
I fear European countries will be like dominoes toppling one after the other. It will be difficult to stop once one falls to islam.

“You can’t tell the German kuffar (non-muslims) the truth about what my co-religionists are doing to them because you Germans might not like that.”

The Friendly Grizzly | December 13, 2016 at 9:41 pm

Less than 80 years to go from being The Master Race to being The Mastered Race.

Tom Kratman’s book “Caliphate” (published as science fiction because nobody else would publish it) is becoming less and less fiction by the day.