Despite Merkel government’s all-out effort to prevent the breakdown of law and order in German cites ahead of the New Year’s Eve, wide cracks are appearing in country’s police preparedness.

What reads much like a dispatch from a lost battlefront, the union of police officers in the eastern German state of Thuringa has penned an open letter describing the dire state of affairs amid an unstoppable migrant crime wave. “[You] are abandoning us to a superior force,” says the desperate note addressed to Interior Minister of Thuringa.

Time and again representatives of the police union have pointed out the dramatic consequences to the politicians and higher authorities, the letter further says, (Quote) “But what changes? Nothing. One instead gets a sense of disinterest.”  [Author’s translation]

Things aren’t any better in Ruhr region encircling the city of Cologne either. “Have foreign clans turned Ruhr region into a No-Go-Area area?” leading German newspaper DIE WELT asked on Wednesday. “Police won’t win a war with us because we are too many,” representatives of Arab community warned the police in city of Gelsenkirchen located in Ruhr.

German politicians and media are still in total denial when it comes to country’s deteriorating law and order situation. German mainstream media denies the existence of no-go-areas in the country, calling them “hotspots” instead and referring to Arab gangs patrolling German streets as “Streetcorner Societies.” Words better suited to describe a hipster hangout, rather than Arab-held gangland.

DIE WELT reported the proceeding of the commission set up to look into mass sexual assaults in Cologne: :

Are there lawless areas in [state of] North Rhine-Westphalia? [commission asked]

Police Commissioners of Duisburg und Essen as well as the Chief Mayor of Gelsenkirchen gave a clear answer to that: No.

However, Elke Bartels, Police Commissioner of Duisburg and Frank Richter, Police Commissioner of Essen, described Lebanese criminal clans that have been creating trouble for a number of years. “A section of the family is taking on the entire [German] penal code,” Commissioner Richter acknowledged. The problem is further compounded by thousands of South-East Europeans [Turks?] unwilling to integrate in the society.

With Merkel government and German media still churning out happy talk on mass-migration and supressing reports in rising migrant crime wave, things are destined to go from bad to worse for the law enforcement and people on the street. Chancellor Merkel, her ruling alliance and German elites remain politically committed to their “Refugee Welcome” policy. Insulated from ground reality, a poll in July found that nearly 60 percent of Germany’s business and political elites supporting Merkel’s open border policy.

As the desperate plea of the police union suggests, German government has chosen to ignore the plight of law enforcement. With News Year’s Eve fast approaching, is Germany heading for the repeat of last year’s mass-sexual assaults?

It is now more than evident that Merkel and German establishment don’t care about the victims of their failed “refugee” police, but do they seriously think, they can withstand another Cologne-like disaster?

VIDEO: Merkel vows to enforce ‘law and order’ to manage refugees

[Cover image courtesy Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, YouTube]


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