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Democrats are Willing to Provoke a War With Russia Over Lost Election?

Democrats are Willing to Provoke a War With Russia Over Lost Election?

Really, guys?

Professor Jacobson has covered the Democrat’s futile attempt to mount an electoral college insurrection in the hopes of turning over the results of the recent presidential election.

Monday morning, establishment media outlets along with a bevy of Democrats decided Russia was to blame for Hillary’s embarrassing electoral loss. The sudden, unified chorus was an amusing sight to behold. I blogged:

The Russian hacking/tainted election story line is a particularly fascinating coping mechanism in leftist elite circles.

All signs point to a painfully out of touch party platform, the world’s worst presidential candidate, and a fundamental misunderstanding of the political landscape, yet Democrats are blaming the Russians for their embarrassing electoral loss.

Worse still, there’s no new evidence to suggest Russians swayed election results. Sure, the Wikileaks stuff was nasty, but that’s old news. Should it be investigated? Probably. Though the same people demanding an investigation into this alleged hacking’s electoral impact NOW also declared with certainty that Hillary’s home-brewed server was never infiltrated by foreign foes.

It’s almost like this story line was cooked up as a last ditch effort to overturn the election results. Almost.

What was amusing Monday is concerning Friday. Desperate, Democratic “hacked election” rhetoric has gone from silly hail mary pass to saber rattling and all in in the midst of a governance transition.

It’s worth reiterating that while we know of hacks into the DNC and all the Wikileaks stuff, there’s zero evidence Russians “hacked the election” — whatever that means.

Friday, Hillary described the alleged hacks as an “attack against our country”:

Addressing the BUT THE RUSSIANS! issue for the first time this week, Hillary claims Putin is still peeved over comments she made in 2011, suggesting the Russian election was rigged. Gee, aren’t we sorry we didn’t elect someone with whom our biggest foe has a personal beef? [insert giant eye roll here] I mean, please. That’s not to suggest that we should be courting commies, but Hillary’s self-involvement is pretty impressive.

“Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people, and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election,” Mrs. Clinton said.

“Make no mistake, as the press is finally catching up to the facts, which we desperately tried to present to them during the last months of the campaign,” Mrs. Clinton told the group, which collectively poured roughly $1 billion into her effort. “This is not just an attack on me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it. This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.”

Meanwhile, President Obama is promising retaliation:

WASHINGTON — President Obama said on Thursday that the United States would retaliate for Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential election, asserting that “we need to take action,” and “we will.”

The comments, in an interview with NPR, indicate that Mr. Obama, in his remaining weeks in office, will pursue either economic sanctions against Russia or perhaps some kind of response in cyberspace.

Mr. Obama spoke as President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday again refused to accept Moscow’s culpability, asking on Twitter why the administration had waited “so long to act” if Russia “or some other entity” had carried out cyberattacks.

The president discussed the potential for American retaliation with Steve Inskeep of NPR for an interview to air on Friday morning. “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our election,” Mr. Obama said, “we need to take action. And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.”

Less than a day later, Obama seemingly contradicted his tough talk during his final press conference when he claimed he told Putin to “cut it out” with the hacking, and Putin did.

Let’s suppose there was serious Russian meddling, and there may well have been, using what could turn into a new Cold War between global superpowers all because of a little election loss butthurt is an egregiously irresponsible act.

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Kemberlee, you may want to change “President Jacobson” to “Professor Jacobson”. He’s good, but was selected not elected.

    JimMayer in reply to dystopia. | December 16, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Couple points ppl haven’t brought up regarding the alleged Russian ‘hacking.’

    On the ‘Factor,’ O’Reilly played a secretly taped clip of a college prof complaining about the election. It showed a certifiably silly woman in complete despair, saying Trump was KKK, a Nazi, a Commy, the anti-Christ, & had crappy hair. She said Pence was the most anti-gay person in human history, altho his hair was way better. MrT’s win was an ‘act of terrorism,’ & there’s nothing left to live for anymore, but she’d TRY to give the snowflakes ‘tips for coping’ with this unimaginable horror. When the clip ended, O’Reilly turned to Geraldo Rivera for reaction, & the 1st thing out of the genius’s face-hole caused me to explode with an OMG! so loud the neighbors came knocking on my door to see if I was all right:

    “Well Bill, it needs to be pointed out that, under California law, it’s illegal to video-tape someone without their consent…”

    WHAT? A Human Sexuality professor terrorizes her kids by losing the last remaining marbles in her noggin, saying Trump is the end of the world, & GR inexplicably picks up on the criminality of taping somebody w/o permission? What normal person would’ve responded that way? Seriously? Pretend not to grasp the more substantive point by a factor of like, 100?

    Perfect analogy re the ‘Russian hacking’. Don’t misunderstand, there’s no love lost here on Putin; he IS a commy, & his hair IS crappy. I don’t want foreigners meddling in our elections, but there are some important points no one is mentioning:

    1) The recent cyber-attacks occurred on O’s watch. Are Dems unable to protect our nation’s secrets? Are we so stupid that foreign Gov’s or street punks like Guccifer can just dial-up our top-secret stuff at will? If Big O & HC want to bitch about hacking (‘benefiting’ MrT), perhaps THEY should’ve invested more in securing US from the cyber-creeps of the world. THEY were the ones in power. Maybe Hill should’ve listened when they told her not to set up that unsecure home server. Instead of shielding her naughtiness from future FOIA requests, she was unwittingly typing every word onto computers all over the world. The shameless complaining now about being hacked is beyond belief.

    2) The allegations are not that Rus meddled on Election Day, the accusation is that they hacked Dems & provided the juicy details for all to see. The TRUE juicy details. The exposed players don’t deny their authenticity! So Dems are awkwardly arguing that it’s UNFAIR the voters got to know TOO MUCH about HC! They learned she’s a liar, a cheat, a lawbreaker, & has terrible judgement (many of us already knew, but perhaps fence-riders didn’t). She’s squirts croc tears now bc of how unfair SHE’S been treated bc, you know, it’s all about HER. How ’bout this idea Hil, IT’S ABOUT AMERICA, NOT ABOUT YOU!

    Blaming others is absurd, bc if HC hadn’t been so corrupt, Rus, China, Comey, Wiklks, Guccifer, Gucc 2.0, Anonymous, Brietbart, Veritas, your & Bill’s victims, & others wouldn’t have so much of her damaging dirt to expose! It takes the convoluted mind of a liberal to see themselves always as the faultless victim.

    BO & HC hypocrisy re Rus meddling considering THEIR meddling in other country’s BeesWax:
    ~Sen Clinton wanted to ‘rig’ Palestinian elections
    ~2011, HC interfered in Rus elects, encouraging ‘regime change.’
    ~2015, O spent $350k US taxpayer money trying to defeat Netanyahu
    ~2016, O threatened Brits with his ‘back of the queue’ threat re Brexit
    ~2016, HC chimed in re Brexit, warning Brits to vote ‘Remain’

    Results of their meddling suggests that if you want a certain outcome, get these 2 ass-hats to advocate the opposite position — your chances improve greatly. If the Ruskies ARE responsible for the hax, at least the info disseminated was all true, they didn’t spend $350K of their ppl’s money, & they didn’t send operatives over here, you know, like BO & HC

      alaskabob in reply to JimMayer. | December 16, 2016 at 9:08 pm

      Please add spending big bucks to undermine and overthrow the Prez of Ukraine. OK.. so he was a puppet of Putin, but an elected puppet. We had no plan B to stop Russia from annexing the Crimea. Those thin red lines are easy to stomp over. History in that case was on the side of the strong horse.

Morning Sunshine | December 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm

I have said it before elsewhere.
Putin knows who is the current global destabilizer. He has been fighting that fight against islamic extremism pretty aggressively in Russia, using tactics that would not be legal here. He is also smart enough to realize that Obama has facilitated the rise of said extremism. And since Hillary, as SecState, and as a new president, would continue those policies, I would imaginer Putin REALLY REALLY did not want Hillary in charge here. From Putin’s POV, his fight is made harder with Hillary in the White House. Trump has promised to fight that fight; no wonder Putin would help Hillary’s opponant.
Personally, I think I would like that fight fought as well – AND WON! I am not saying that Russia is now our friend (and has always been our friend) but I am saying that we could learn from and work with the Russians on this fight.

Really, Kemberlee?

The choices are “go to war” or suck your teeth…???

I’m a little more creative than that.

Ol’ Vlad is not our friend. Russia is not a dormant non-actor.

    Valerie in reply to Ragspierre. | December 16, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    He’s not our friend, but the DNC and Podesta leaks are not his style. This kind of leak is a long-standing American tradition.

“he told Putin to “cut it out” with the hacking, and Putin did”


Mr. Obama said, “we need to take action. And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.”

This is Obamaspeak for the usual … “I’ll just kick this can down the road …”

Translation: nothing at all will happen.

After George McClellan failed to do anything more constructive than rack up a huge pile of dead bodies at the battle of Antietam (to this day, the recordholder for the most Americans killed in warfare on a single day), Lincoln replaced him with Ambrose Burnside. Robert Lee, commanding the opposing Army of North Virginia, is on record as saying that he was really going to miss McClellan, because he understood him so well.

I suspect that Obama will be similarly missed in national capitals worldwide.

Looks to me like dems are trying to stage a coup.

    That’s no joke – starting a crisis with Russia (meaning, a war) would give Obama war powers – and would forestall Trump’s inauguration.

    These people are fascists. Period.

    Fascists do this kind of thing.

First she picks a fight with a green, cartoon frog, then she calls a quarter of the population of this entire country a basket of deplorables, and now she is calling leaking Democratic staffers “Russians.”

That’s entertainment!

The enemy of my enemy can still be an enemy if the two of them act much the same. Enemies do not become friends just because they are hated by the same people as you.

Any word yet on who leaked Trump’s past tax returns to the NYT or is Obama just going to let that one go?

Is Obama going to use his big purse on Putin?

Russians are the new Jews.

Just more of the same from the liars! Is anyone other than diehard Clinton supporters looking for some excuse why Crooked Hillary lost the election believe that the Russians “hacked” the election? Really if you have more than 2 working brain cells you know the narrative is nuts. As soon as the EC votes some new crisis will pop up and away the biased media will continue the attack on Trump.

The one person that influenced the election was the candidate herself-Crooked Hillary.

Did the Russians set up the Clinton foundation?

Did the Russians set up a unauthorized server?

Did the Russians place highly classified material on a unclassified server?

Did the Russians pick a candidate for the democratic party that was under a active criminal FBI investigation?

Did the Russians tell Hillary not to have a decent economic message for the rust belt?

Did the Russians tell Hillary to slime half of the country? Basket of deplorable’s!

Did the Russians force the Clinton campaign to rig the primary against Sanders?

Did the Russians tell the campaign to act like they won the election before they actually did? (arrogant, condescending)

So the left is so traumatized they will say anything or do anything to try to make sense of the loss.
The Russian excuse is just the latest. So once this plays out another excuse will pop up!

Note that this wouldn’t be the first major war a lame-duck President had gotten us into, leaving his successor to deal with actually fighting the war.

I’m looking at you President James Buchanan.

More recently, the first President Bush sent troops into Somalia just weeks before the first-and-only President Clinton took office.

And… oh, look. President Obama is sending more ground troops to the Middle East, when he should be packing his things and spending one last Christmas with his family at the White House and planning his retirement…

The Left has always been eager to kill as many Americas as possible. That is why every war America lost, has always been under a weak leftist leader.

Has anyone heard anymore from the ex-ambassador from the UK who claimed he received the Podesta e-mails from a disgruntled Demorat insider? He was on the Hannity radio show and in the WSJ. I haven’t heard one single thing about him since Friday.

No one ever accused the left of being terribly bright.